Geblockte Serien streamen: Die Wahrheit über VPNs (mit @alwaysxcaro)

If you want to be safe on the internet, you always have to use a VPN. Never use a VPN, it’s just spying on you. Totally anonymous. Empty advertising promises. Protected from hackers and espionage. Thrown money.( Relaxed music) I bet you’ve heard at least one of this VPN wisdom. And nothing of them are right. With a VPN you connect to the internet a little differently. And you can stream series the hell is blocked in Germany. Like “Doctor Who”, it doesn’t run on Netflix, for that in the BBC library. Such a VPN generally expenses a few cases euros a few months. VPN providers too advertise so much to YouTubers that you get the feeling if I want to be one of the cool teenagers, I have to have a VPN more. In this video you will learn how VPN providers offset false-hearted promises just wanted to pluck the money out of your pocket, when a VPN brings what, and what you have to consider if you want to stream blocked sequences here. When it comes to series, Caro from “alwaysxcaro” is the expert. Look to the end if you don’t want to miss her sequence tip. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. And this is how it offices: Imagine you want to buy condoms but you’d rather not stand at the cash register. So you ask the large-scale sister to buy the condoms. In this story, the large-scale sister is the VPN. The condom backpack the place. The pharmacy, your internet provider, and you, you are yourself.( Relaxed music) Let’s break it down again technically. Without a VPN it would look like this, you go to the drugstore yourself. You type in a website like “” in your browser. That aims up with your internet provider, for example Vodafone, 1& 1, Telekom. And then you get to see the content of “”. The animation is greatly simplified, in reality that would be more. But back to questions. You are not anonymous. Because you can be identified via your IP address. The IP address points up with your provider as well as “”. It is different with a VPN. A VPN goes online like a big sister for you, so you don’t have to. If you type “” in the browser, this is done via an encrypted connection to the VPN provider. Your internet provider only views that you connected to the VPN provider. He doesn’t see that you want to see “”. It’s encrypted. Even the admins of “beste-kondome” do not see your IP. The application does not come instantly from you, but from the VPN provider. That sounds great. But unfortunately there is a catch. There is one weak point that should not be underestimated. Your big sister.( She titters underhandedly .) Who do you trust more? Your internet provider like 1& 1, Vodafone, Telekom, or your VPN provider? You have to entrust one of the two now, with which IP address you access which orbits. When in doubt, both of you cannot trust. If who are familiar with which domains you are heading to, can that be abused. For speciman by hackers, terrible admins, or by police authorities. In 2011 the FBI arrested a hacker belonging to the LulzSec group. How did the FBI find him? He abused a VPN. Namely the VPN service “Hide my ass”. Yes, that with the conceal, so hide, didn’t work out so well. Because the “ace” was attained regardles. Countless VPN providers promise to prevent this from happening no link data to be saved. “Hide my Ass” is now calling the incident a fiasco. In the future, a certificate company would examine that they do not store any data. But this time likewise genuinely. Predicts are one thing, procure engineerings are another. If you want to surf the internet anonymously, a VPN is not what is necessary. Even if numerous providers indicate it. It’s strange to advertise a produce for something for which it is not suitable. Now “youre seeing” our wonderful chocolate machine. Your coffee is carefully filtered and gently developed. Sorry, this is a kettle. To surf as anonymously as possible, uses the free Tor browser. More on this in the video about alternative Google makes. But back to VPNs. What good are they, if not anonymity? Three things. When we explained how VPNs work, we have left out a weak point, your internet attachment. Before your provider finds out that you want to see a website, does that go through your router firstly. What if you’re on the go? Open WLAN in cafes, train stations, at clas, university or in the agency. These are all occasions where there is a VPN is intelligent. Without a VPN, the person controlling Internet access could log which domains you are accessing. You want to check other enterprise renders at work, or watch your favorite porn in the inn? Maybe nobody cares.Or stop. It is different with a VPN. Through the encrypted connection to the VPN provider Snoops was only able to be understood that “youre using” a VPN. But not for what. Privacy with foreign internet joinings, a VPN is really good for that. Some providers too advertise that hackers could steal data and passwords in public WiFi. The difficulty has largely resolved itself. Because that was true of HTTP websites. Modern websites use the new HTTPS instead of HTTP. Things like passwords and account information are transmitted in encrypted model. and cannot as with HTTPPP.( She makes a promise .) Cannot be stolen like with HTTP websites. Your browser tags such websites with a lock next to the URL. Before you type in sensitive things like passwords, you should check whether the fastening is there. And likewise whether the website is not a cloned phishing place. Some VPN providers still “re scared”. Faced with an impractical possibility. Falling objects are a real danger to them. Have you ever thoughts that a ceiling tile could fall on your premier? A heyday container, a dead chick? Nothing is 100% sure-fire. Do not disclose your intelligence to unnecessary possibility and buy our patented marching helmet.( Relaxed music) Network railings, the barrier tape of the Internet.( Restless electronic music) If a district wants to ban websites in the country, then he utilizes structure blocking. For lesson, YouTube is blocked in China. In Germany, illegal streaming places are blocked. But such a network block is not a main obstacle. The blocks are at the level of your Internet provider. A district has direct affect on national providers. If your internet provider noted that whoever wants to see a website, which is actually blocked, then he thwarts you from recognizing them. I’m sure you can guess what’s coming. If your internet provider doesn’t see what the hell are you want to call, then he cannot block them. And this is exactly where VPNs come in. Network blocking is ineffective with a VPN. For this reason, VPN services are banned in China, that have not been licensed by the state. Even if system blocks come across as unbelievable at first, they can be the first step in serious censoring. Network blocks are also welcome to be bypassed without a VPN. By changing the so-called DNS server. A tutorial on this in the info carton. VPNs are not illegal in Germany. But there may be a reason for a system block in Germany. If you are able to reach yourself liable to prosecution for using a site, because you are streaming serial illegally, then you should still not open it. With or without VPN.( Relaxed music) Geoblocking, the little brother of network blocking. Even with geoblocking, you cannot call up a sheet. But then this is not due to a network block by your provider. No, in this case it is the website operator, who won’t let you in because of the IP. Located on the IP address you can tell which country you are in. Geo-blocking is available on Netflix, Amazon Prime and others. They get paid licenses for the movies and successions they prove. They are more expensive for more countries. That makes, here in Germany you can stream other movies and streaks than in the US or something. Some rivers are also not available outside of Germany. Live programs during sports, for example. You can bypass geoblocking by using a VPN. VPN providers have servers in different countries. You can choose whether you require your internet traffic would like to tunnel across the USA.( Booming music) But is that allowed? It depends on. If you live in Germany, for example, go on vacation in Spain and want to see geo-blocked content from Germany, exploits a VPN. Also the Federal Office for Information Security recommends the same. With a VPN you can watch Netflix content, which are not available in Germany. Lawyer discuss whether this could be prohibited. The knowledge assistance “klicksafe” financed by the EU currently comes to the conclusion: It is said that there is unfortunately no clear explanation. The decision is also up to you. At least it would be a violation of Netflix’s terms and conditions. It says that you are only allowed to access content from the country, by paying for it. If a provider is mindful of the fact that you are violating the terms and conditions, the detail is likely to be blocked. Netflix now blocks some VPN services and not others. In addition to streaming providers with due simulates, there are other sites whose content you are unable creek with VPN now. For speciman, there is the BBC’s film library. They can be streamed with a UK IP. Series, the keyword for Caro from “alwaysxcaro”. Hello, my specify is Caro. I discuss everything with local communities on my YouTube channel all about series and cinemas. When I was chatting with my best friend what we look at on numerous scaffolds, then I noticed that she had access to different series than I did. The only difference was that she lives in Scotland and I live here. I wanted to watch the Pretty Little Liars spin-off “The Perfectionists”. It’s about a new group of teenagers and a assassinate client. Alison and Mona are also there. I was thoroughly in the hype at the time and wanted to experience more of the world. Because that was not easily available, I still haven’t seen it. It’s on my watchlist. So the report contains sensible areas of application for VPNs. Even if it’s not the ordinary VPN advertising.( Relaxed music) If you are looking for a good VPN provider, pay attention to the following criteria: Is it clear how the provider finances itself? A due work for five euros a month is more serious than a free VPN, who may need to make money from data. Is the provider based in countries with strong data protection principles? In some countries the barriers are low when experts want data. For precedent in the USA. An “Internet kill switch” is also important. Music like a word from a bad hacking movie, but it’s true. If your VPN neglects, your device could expose the IP address, because it access the internet without a VPN. This is exactly what a kill switching is supposed to prevent. And make sure your device is offline or goes online via VPN. Protection against DNS leaks is of paramount importance. One action in which your real IP could become visible. You can find that and more in the tutorial for fasten VPNs, that our colleagues from “Mobilsicherheit” wrote. “Mobile secure” recommends Mullvad VPN, for example. The email provider Protonmail also has its own VPN service. Do you actually implementation a VPN? If so, for what? Write it in the comments. The best VPN is of little use if you have nothing to do on the internet. Hence the things that you should do right now. Check out Caro’s video, you might find a series. Now have Sarah and Sarina Scientifically experimented smartphone addiction. Stay safe ..

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