Gateway to Gateway VPN using Cisco RV042 Routers

hi and welcome to tech birdie today we will get through the steps in creating and configuring site-to-site VPN now we will use Cisco rb0 for two Reuters in this demonstration these are small business Reuters from Cisco and these Reuters are located on different geographical locations let’s switch to our pewter number 1 here we will provide the credentials to login sound Rypien from the menu on the left here on the right side you can see the previously configured VPN connections to create a new one click Add from this screen we will create a gateway to Gateway VPN connection which is also called site-to-site VPN click and now here are the configurations which we will mention to create a gateway to gateway VPN then we will provide the tunnel call on opening crowd 1 let’s say it is tomorrow 1 in boundary we will select the central boundary on which we want to configure our VPN our v04 to Reuters provide you with two-man interfaces I will select lover 1 next area is regional group setup here we will provide the network information of road rawand regional security gateway type IP simply is good to go you can explore the other options also IP address that is the IP address of the man interface which we have selected above non-local security group type we have plenty of options now for example we can mention the IP range a single IP or a complete subnet we will choose IP range from here for the IP range we will provide the beginning IP let’s say it is 1 9 2 1 6 8 2.1 and the last IP we will provide one nine two one six eight fleck 2.25 for this is the IP range from our local area network next section is remote radical setup now we will provide the information recording the remote network to which we want to configure our VPN remote security gateway type IP simply is good to go in IP address we will mention the IP address of the van interface of remote router which is also a Cisco RV 0 for 2 Rooter now we mentioned the IP now remote certificate radical sort we will select the game that the remote network is we can provide our IP range a single IP address or a complete subnet here we will provide this subnet which is for 5 to 5 v fleck 0 is good to go next section is IPSec setup now here are all the configuration which are related to securing our communication between the point 1 and location 2 the authorities concerned will do all these steps to safeguarding our data in gain mode we will choose I ke which is internet key exchange etiquette with pre shared key this is used to create a secret for our shared time there is another option which is manual where we can choose our manual aims or we can define our secret manually but we will go with I gave appreciate key next is phase one th group in Cisco RV 0 for 2 these securing process with the IPSec ends in two chapters period 1 and stage 2 for stage 1 locations period 1 th group da strands for Debbie Hellman method mostly it’s a key exchange procedure which we use on the public channel we will choose group 2 that is 1 0 to 4 part it’s more secure than different groups 1 for encryption we will choose 3ds which is triple data encryption standard or we too call it data encryption algorithm for the authentication we will choose sha-1 which is more secure than md5 for security Association lifetime leave the value as default it is the time till what security keys are valid after that time the keys will be changed automatically for security Association lifetime we will leave the value as default it is the time for which defence keys are valid after that time keys will be been generated automatically by checking perfect forward secrecy we will ensure that the system will generate unique keys for the future application with the period 2 of IPSec setup for time 2 we will select the same ethics as that of chapter 1 but these settings can be different from stage 1 evaluates depending upon our needs so let’s hand-picked the time 2 significances for the age group we will choose group 2 for encryption 3 deers for authentication as such a one as a lifetime we will leave as default now here we will choose appreciate key that will be used for communication on the public channel let’s say street 1 key 1 made to ensure that the key should contain the capital letters small letters and alphanumeric references there are some advanced options available which the authorities concerned will cover in another video for this demonstration our specifies are enough now sounds Save okay now our passageway for the itinerary of one is already now we will configure your router on the remote geographical location that daughter is also a cisco RB 0 for 2 daughter Laurel so let’s be changed to that supply the credentials or the username login here we will select the VPN from the menu on the left we will follow the same pace as we have already done in the router 1 configuration click and prefer gateway to gateway sound Add again here we will provide the tunnel identify just done now we – nose will choose the boundary on which we want to configure our VPN nodes we will choose band 1 for a local group setup IP merely is good I piss all automatically selected of the UN one boundary regional severan subnet subnet is good to go these settings the local group setup should is commensurate with the prepares of remote radical setup from the root of one now for remote radical setup we will choose IP only and for the IP address we will mentioned the IP address of root of one van interface which is this a remote security group type remember we had choosen the I’d be assortment for the regional group of tutor one so we will choose IP range now also but say it is 192.168 2.1 and the ending IP is all the IPSec setup we will choose the same designate as we have already is selected in the Rooter one configuration we will go with a key with a shared key D edge group they will choose group two for encryption 3d times for authentication such a one as a lifetime will be remained default for phase two again group two for encryption in Phase two 3d years such a one as a lifetime will be the same here we will provide the same key which we have already provided in tutor one configuration which was utter one key one it should be the same now click Save click OK now click summary here is our tunnel 2 in remote Rooter click connector you can see here it is now connected “youre seeing” the status “youre connected” in rotor to in beginning of 1 it is also showing connected hope you like this demonstration visit for more helpful videos take care and bye for now

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