Fritz!Boxen via VPN verbinden | inPixels 60 Sekunden

welcome to the pixel 60 seconds today I will explain to you as in 60 seconds two or more fritz caskets together in a vpn system could connect vpn means virtual private system and is an opportunity users from a network can access locally in a remote network and to exchange files or, for example, to play games as one would be in a local area network around our Fritz boxes now in a large one to connect vpn structure we first need a fritz casket with the current stair us idol and a dynamic dns account that you for example with a hoster like strato and of it ideally two or more depending on the way much wanted to combine for boxing first we go to the home network pressebox then to the structure settings here it must be ensured that we have a new ip address hand-picked which do not correspond to the standard but coincide being able to use various fritzbox to be focused that is in In this case individual 21 68 21 the copy would have to have as 92 16 8 11 so that your earlier to be implemented now let’s look at address okay here is a registered must on a cross-file recognizes me the whole not going whether gm going to add new vpn access connections to the onu to load couplings yield now a library now I find one generator in the address of the counterparty and of the remote structure that we want to access that we contribute would then want to hold permanently to 1 permanently and that’s done they make the whole film to light-colored

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