Fritz!Box: VPN Tunnel einrichten

hello in this video time evidenced very briefly how to access your own vpn can set up on your fritzbox to then, for example, from any android or every ios manoeuvre has to go through the vpn tunnel from the internet various advantages, which is why you cannot do without it as a private user should of course be your own fritzbox supported the alternative, in short, that the most significant thing since the invention of sliced meat in terms of security on the internet now era shown that own lan in, for example, a pc, a printer and a raspberry pu your modem or router is a fritzbox and you go over it the coinciding maneuvers then go into the internet with the tablet, the mobile phone or the laptop, however, one is also outside the Your own WiFi on the go, so in the hotel’s LAN or public WiFi or even over the data line of your mobile phone contract here is the disadvantage because not every connection is encrypted and which one there are hazards that we have shown in many other videos that is So definitely not to be recommended with a VPN connection we can however, an encrypted passageway right through the entire internet our fritz casket now no longer go into unsecured data internet but really secured via the encrypted tunnel and only then into internet and the second largest advantage is our cell phone is now part of strict criterion the same patronize as, for example, the printer is at home that entails reproducing certificates via the printer is absolutely no problem either when we are in the middle of kamtschatka or lummerland Of track, this does not only apply to the printer but for all other services that “youve got in” the lan, for example over the raspberry pi realizes a record server that works of course then also perfect or the fritz box in some poses that had been installed is true that means we can fax the im from our mobile phone cast faxes all over the world when we get home and the laptop that stands alone now, of course, works for example via the mobile phone and then also invited into the tunnel via the passage So in the last step to the actual setup I have myself now now via a standard web browser on the web interface on my Fritz box switched on so the correspond ip Entered a now above and now I have to log in with the password so if we click on it very briefly, we are now selecting within the fritzbox in our overview the degree system to then the fritzbox used then please click here on customer lend take a name so that we can differentiate the subscribers at the end and I should be able to recognize that now andreas info at is the e-mail address and the password should be used a really secure password or you can take one I have here now for the purposes of the simplicity, simply specify 1 2 3 4 5 6 you are able to just have to enter the password more than formerly than everyone designs where you have to enter it remember the password that’s why it should really be safe and that goes with it precedent the encryption with which the passage is created next to our access from the internet that we allow the check boxes we do not have to but what we definitely need here is access to vpn cavern we need and at the end click here on ok guidance we are to be able originate the necessary provides, e.g.For android or exhibition ios. Simply click here on ok and a will open windows we have up here for ios we come with the relevant adjusts experiences down we have the whole thing then for android should be the proper The data that are now here are just for creating the passage in your participate android mobile phone for example really select the vpn character as exotic psk the ip sec identifier that next to it the names of the one chosen when setting up the provinces acpi shared key is now here with me empty-bellied with you a attribute string will be the exact type in capital and Lower case is important as well as, of course, eventually server address so on which computer from the internet do “youve got to” mobile phone access in my subject is based on my configuration an internal address for you this are likely to be the external address from your router in another video we already have shown how you can connect your Fritz box to a dynamic dns assistance if you have done what is also recommended for this then it says of course in your client the domain name of the dns busines so that you too are available in the event that your provider every 24 hours a new ip blames the corresponding data participated and you then saved the tunnel and you have to do it the first time Finally, participate the subscribers specify that is also in In this case andreas is the scarcely listed we have just utilized as well as the password that was now in my suit 1 2 3 4 5 6 For you, however, this is a better password, it will too work out here certificate concludes not be written but really the user’s password andreas in the event that you need the relevant data again last-minute would like to see no problem at all simply again the fritz container Call up the user interface now, select the relevant history altogether scroll down or do we still have the option of vpn adjusting and showing and the window opens again that the password is not exposed here is not a big deal trouble in the event that you may have forgotten it namely yourself Simply change here and then save again and you have it so it’s brand-new again is simply okay

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