FREE VPN vs Paid VPN | What’s the difference? | 12 features compared

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Today, I’m going to tell you what’s the difference between free VPNs and paid VPNs, and why hitting that install button may not be a good idea.

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1:08 How free VPNs make their money?
2:29 Security, privacy & logging policy
2:57 Performance, speed & servers
3:21 Bandwidth
3:35 Streaming capabilities
3:54 Torrenting
4:24 Customer support
4:42 Apps & ease of use
5:11 Censorship
5:35 When is it ok to use free VPN?
6:01 Bottom line

**Security, privacy & logging policy**
The way that free VPN providers usually end up earning income is really by taking advantage of their users. Free VPNs often sell data to the highest bidder. Another huge risk is that many free VPNs simply don’t work. The software itself can’t protect your privacy and security from hackers and keep you anonymous, either because the team behind the VPN is incompetent or lacking funds, or they simply want to make a quick buck before disappearing into the digital aether.
The better Paid VPNs, on the other hand, have tight no-logs policies and are often based in countries with strict privacy laws. Many top VPNs have undergone independent audits to prove their commitment to privacy.

**Performance, speed & servers**
Free VPNs don’t have the budget for a large server fleet. There aren’t many options, sometimes only two or three, and because of this, speeds are really slow. With paid VPNs, you can choose from dozens of locations, with thousands of servers, and the speeds are so fast you’ll hardly notice you’re using the net via a VPN in the first place.

**Streaming capabilities and torrenting**
Most free VPNs are too slow for streaming. They also generally can’t get around the firewalls that streaming platforms set up to keep people from bypassing their geo-restrictions. Paid VPNs can usually unblock at least two major Netflix libraries and multiple other streaming platforms, plus they’re fast enough to stream in Ultra HD.
Often, torrenting simply isn’t supported on free VPNs. Paid VPNs offer watertight security for torrenting. Plus, they have excellent speeds, no bandwidth cap, and they often have special torrenting features. This includes dedicated, optimised torrenting servers, SOCKS5 proxies and split tunnelling.

**Apps & ease of use**
My biggest complaint with free VPN apps is that they’re usually cluttered up with ads. Remember, guys, this is part of how they make their money. Other than that, they’re often quite simple to use because they don’t have many features. However, they only support a handful of devices, usually only mobile devices.
Paid apps are also streamlined, even though they’re more complex, and there are no ads. They usually support a long string of devices, including smart TVs, routers and gaming consoles.

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