Free VPN vs Paid VPN – Should YOU pay for a VPN in 2022?

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It’s clear that the main difference between free VPN vs paid VPN is the pricing… But is that it? Of course not! Seeing how VPN becomes a requirement to stay safe online, I will let you know everything about the difference between free VPN and premium VPN providers.

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=== How do they get money? ===

Looking at the ideal situation, the best VPN would give you full anonymity, top-grade security and unconditional access to geo-blocked services. Getting all that for free is as amazing as it is impossible. And don’t get me wrong, between free vs paid VPN, both have enough money to keep going, it’s just that their source of income can be very different.

It’s a bit obvious with paid VPNs: they sell subscriptions, thus earning money to upgrade their infrastructures and go further beyond. Free VPNs, however, don’t have such luxury and resort to less profitable, and more irritating methods of income. In-app advertisements, for example, can be really annoying to have around, but they give developers enough money to keep going… But clearly not enough to profit from their service.

That’s why some providers go a step beyond the morals, injecting spyware in their apps and actively gathering all user data for the purpose of selling it. What talks of the free VPN security can there be when everything from your browser history to personal information and banking details may get recorded… This is the free VPN risk you are almost sure to encounter when using a free VPN.

=== Limits of free VPNs: ===

Unfortunately, even with such sources of income, there’s still a massive difference between free VPN vs premium in terms of service quality.

This is why those annoying limitations I personally can’t stand are part of the free VPN problems.
Bandwidth limits, sometimes so tiny there’s barely anything you can do about them. Even the best examples of that case can’t offer more than 10 Gb per month, which is laughable.

Speed caps are also irritating to deal with, especially when it takes ages to load a single webpage because of them.

Usually I also have to deal with a low number of servers. Two or three in general, and up to ten if you are lucky and manage to choose Windscribe, which is the only option offering that much.

Low number of servers, in turn, causes overcrowding and severely reduces performance.

=== Premium VPN benefits: ===

It’s not just that comparison between Paid VPN vs free, reveals that the former fixes all things the latter can’t do. Premium VPNs also come with additional benefits, some of which I’m personally a huge fan of.

For example, most free VPNs are incapable of accessing geo-blocked content on Netflix or any other streaming platform, really. Yet, when using a premium provider like NordVPN or Surfshark, I managed to watch both UK Netflix and BBC iPlayer without lags, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Discussing torrenting with free VPN vs premium VPN, I have to highlight that it is often impossible with free providers. Besides low speeds and questionable security measures, I sometimes couldn’t even get my free VPN to establish a connection with a P2P server.

Nothing of a sort happens when using a premium VPN. With a wide array of available servers and IP addresses, I can always find a couple accessible ones that will help me unblock any content or torrent at my convenience.

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