Folge 64 – Open VPN mit der Diskstation

hello and welcome to this new series of dreams green gondolas and him is again about how I should be safest while on the go, for example with a smartphone on my neighbourhood manoeuvres that are at home as for precedent the dreambox can access many of you use on the smartphones time equating apps under ios zb2 remote or under android drove droid or dream ii bg if i want to use that i have to be in quarry firewall socalled weeping excavations I “re going to have to” forward the ports with it corresponding inquiries can be forwarded to my manoeuvres of course i want to avoid that because if i have more manoeuvres in the local area network where I do that it gets muddling at some detail and I walk of course simply line up punctures in my firewall and enable sucker there maybe access via a socalled virtual private system passage so vpn passage i have the possibility on my local network quite normally to participate as if I were at home and one local network would enable us, for example, the open vbn connect we want to set up today on our goal it is him because i have learnt many of you have such an NS at home and why shouldn’t we use that for knowing it is relatively easy to be established the whole thing and I would like to show you now Of direction we have to be able to use the vpn on the terminal at all I still have to prepare a few things for that, I’m now inside the station overseer for site recent account now and if you have another version there then it is possible to examine a little different with you I is impossible to recommend you to clear the update now has not yet done this knows purposes and of course security patches are always there very important with so beings it was of course also on the internet depends and where people can possibly access it if the You have not closed relevant insurance cracks first because the allotment middle go to utilities now and can meters here inspect and I have already installed the vgn in the case and here it is and the call that simply says then install actions with me it is of course already installed and how it operates then we’ll look at that later, a few more decisions are made However, we do not close the whole thing until the action is finished is the is installed container sense next we go to the control panel on the user and there I previously want to set up different consumers, nonetheless now for durations somewhere else what I recently had here too start vpn acquaintance for this I go to user now create and can then specify the name of the place there should the specific characteristics so that I still know what You are likely do both in the case of course not difficult to guess it goods plus goods then I can get an email address what is the whole point well well you could for example now Send the user data to your partner to do that, very password what I demonstrate “il send” if you concur then it is unsure that it has simply been empty the email address is not compulsory for the user detail at all otherwise acts the password is of course mandatory otherwise there is no release for the rights here, of course set up I now render my password here a if the regime should get an error message that your possibly the passport photo uncertainty so on then you would have to go into yours general lays of playstation look like security the password is set now you are in a position to determined that pretty well if you time don’t want to use specific characteristics which I surely recommend of course, or nothing of the uppercase lowercase characters, numbers and so on cameras set up then it is adjusted accordingly and you will not get an error message here if “were trying” somehow maybe enter selfgenerated password which is pretty safe it probably from the network or from the corresponding operate I have here likewise that a password is set and that too makes passwords for me then are distinct then I go on yes then have I built the error now of course, the email address is of course active I “re going to have to” employed it here, of course, good word and to the brand-new one send to users if I have that, of course, then expected with an email that we are now switched off so then the group comes normal users could add that this year or they could make their own group open for vpn that’s up to you now come insulin point which user freedoms should the subscribers now in that case he should not be able to access anything at all with me but only allowed to do in front of suffers that’s why I don’t say anywhere here access contingent I do not need to include the same now Deselect all services because we do the vbl vpn assistance work somewhere else so turn everything off continue to take over then the user is and I have it here now now I’m going back to our vpn, I’ll go on top of it and I’ve already got the vpn now, the vpn server, which I can also call now the puts so now is the question what do we want to do there are three different vpn ties here, i have myself yes for open vpn has decided the advantages or disadvantages that I use the smartphones have to use an app for this because the native vpn was there for example android exists was referenced to l2tp and was thus exertion that specify in a protocols like the ppr but I also accept we want to do vpn upstairs yes here i have the outline which services are activated at all and so on and so forth that increased it now deactivated I’ll indicate you now then I can here the tie-in roster make watch more so the current register is animal etiquette to that so that was a little bit ago not even tried a little as you can see general fixes It must of course and world must be bound to this vpn server network interface be because he makes one himself own broadcaster on the same topic but there must be a network interface currently assigned and this charged with the responsibility for brand-new ones lent local consumer subsidy is automatically turned on whatever also right there I can still prepared special privileges now so that is the action is now so my new user one plus one has vpn for all protocols here already get the right thing but I don’t want it at all would only like to let them retrieves via open vbn that’s why the others both common away then we go now open vpn ie I want to save that and then we’ll realise on the vpn server is not yet activated I initiate it now and then we get now the range where he then imparts the clients from these area a happy would notify something and then does it automatically and before all things are also the rest of the broadcast, so my local area network he then liberates so that an occurrence is represented at a ruth that is on the 192 168 178 0 on this on this program can access yes you can still vp the turn on compression you should definitely do that then let’s go take over here now comes the position that me Of course I have to take care of it if I access it from the outside so demand from the internet outside on my the station now on the vpn server then I must of course the port 490 with the free with the netapp etiquette bgp multiple does not mean that there is a connectionoriented alliance is created mine the station belongs stop under the appropriate dyn dns on this port and has a brutal package counter who come in everywhere now, they are not open to me so why are we open So that’s why it actually works wonderfully, I have to I notice and demonstrate and then the configuration file is exported yes then such a nothing datum is created down here that we will look at now immediately then I say take over and then is the whole saved yes the really downloaded open before bnz dusk I now open it, I go in fine whether it is already unzipped and now have a speech with verse that I now look at and then there are again english language the instructions in it exactly guide for a purchaser for mac osx discoloration as interesting or now also for spaces what I have to do there we don’t want any of it, I miss it then set accordingly on my smartphone that’s the point of the whole story so what I have to do here now these ca c hts still do the certificate in principle now this red vpn vpn decides to open that in the normal ski text file which is finally my text editor and has to be here now make one more location and I have to use this placeholder here for yours server ip 490 is basically replacing the toilet with my dynamic dns I hope I have forst over the dns or only ip or sl or maybe too only from mai fritz the address so the corresponding service from the fritz casket I help here now and differently although I do the browser on svp the authorities have many sheets and then here I picture 79 like this I’ll reproduce it and write it up now of course I don’t want you to see mine bud now and then that’s it the whole concert is now as long as I have this ip address from the network got assigned by the network provider that changes to after 24 hours Germany so that then had appropriate new ones blamed save as chancellor with self-restraint it and then in principle it is already done and these files that I now have, I “re going to have to” somehow get laid my smartphone, I’ll really do the following do a usb cable connect with excavation computer and of course with my smartphone Android is very simple, of course, I can immediately access the datum directory access what is then secreted whether the whole thing on the iphone or To install the ipad we have of course a relationship via itunes because afterwards there is no possibility of any records there except perhaps via the gloom but that I candidly don’t like to show now the recommended behavior is one connect to the computer via usb cable and then itunes has to call then I’m already here on mine iphone 5 and go to apps here and then i have down now all the apps that make it possible to exchange enters and when I go over the button tropics vbn now I can upload folders now I do that now by clicking here downloads go to add this folder here and the next time I sync the enters stored on the iphone and i have it at my jettison that is then finished because business first backup the wood then right on and now but first then the highway like me the whole thing on the android smartphone producer to do this, I will now connect the android smartphone to it the computer with a usb cable so of course now i have your mac of course the programme start conveying for android what i did before already installed and if I have it now then it will open Yes, it started automatically as I abused the android smartphone with my mac connect and now I have the folder index and can now click here downloads go now have another version of open vbn gravel inside because I have stated all the material but I’ll get it evidence but now it’s all about the documents here to upload and for this we make the files downloads radicals associations become now on the token then the whole thing is uploaded and like we are currently continue on the android smartphone, we’ll see you in the next one one of the purposes of this tutorial san yes what do i still have to do here so i have to of course reinstalling the vpn app above, I’ve already done that here call the man and then I would be welcomed now In principle, you now have to use the profile that I have uploaded there here still import that I say above on the button import import profi from the sc kate recruit the download folder in my ears go up before bn there I kept the whole thing off and open up the above vpn tatar hand-picked will hopefully get my display here with you dyn dns address for me it is now stop the ip address then the current one I dedicate here the user was mine and I don’t always know the password now nature entered the password I can click on save should continue and can now create the connection since it has already happened and with it you the whole of me also thinks I’ll go to disconnect, deactivate the wifi here so that I only “re going to have to” ts it is visible repeat the whole and likewise Since it manipulates wonderfully as well as the whole thing well now, if I do now principles browser opener here and then go to the fritz box yes “theres been” me only the registration screen of the fritz carton present as you can see above that it was an address from my local network and i was the sph connected so ots and it was better manipulates wonderfully yes that’s how it is country are developed and in the corresponding apps you then have to precisely do not enter your dyn dns address, but just as ordinary Store a chart as if your home is worth so with the native apps from one local area network then improves a vpn relationship beforehand, then opens it you the relevant app and you can then use the apps as if you at home, yes, that was sina filming for this episode screencast I have you guys exploiting the vpn app shown above on an android smartphone like your on the vpn server zloty of the terminal can thus access the corresponding manoeuvres eg dreamboxes in the local area network can reach if I liked the video then please give me one thumb that all efforts extremely the ranking on youtube of course if correlating examination queries come otherwise you too are given an opportunity to like the whole to share and so on all of the corresponding addresses will come right subsequentlies if you don’t know them hitherto otherwise, if you have a nice time until the next time, I’ll be left with me considered goodbye and goodbye

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