Extensión VPN para Google Chrome 2020 gratis ilimitada y fácil de utilizar

This time we are going to learn how to use the expansion for google chrome 1 sound vpn that will offer us all the benefits offered by the use of systems vpn for example if in the place you are the use of social networks or some content on a specific website the use of this vpn will allow us to avoid such restrictions then the first thing we we are going to do to install this vpn extension is to locate ourselves in the fraction upper right and click on the menu of three points below we go to choose the capabilities of more implements and then in the submenu we opt postponements in the brand-new expansions window we are located in the upper left place and we sounds where it says postponements then at the bottom of the window that opens we click where it says open chrome entanglement accumulation here the chrome network storage opens where we are going to look for the extension that I just mentioned you here we are going to write the word of our expansion which in such cases is 1 click vpn the call we write it all together it does not matter if is in uppercase or lowercase we are going to write 1 clink vpn then we hand an open and here it previously was used in our postponement 1 click vpn noting that where says offered by sea for 1 clink vpn now what we are going to do is afford a click this button that says add to chrome formerly we do this then in this window that has just materialized we present a clink where it says add expansion Once this is done, a brand-new opening opens that we will close once. set our propagation below what we are going to do is situate us in the upper freedom part and in this perplex icon that is a thing of the postponements let’s click here we assure our extension that It is already installed and to anchor it to the chrome bar us to be able to click here in this option that says reparation extension formerly we sounds we see that now our propagation is already set in the chrome forbid now to use the increase us to be able to click on the postponement icon and now we realise a inventory with the vpn servers in different countries that We can use for example I will choose the one that says the United Country that is in first place and now they notice that the flag is already residence from the us that means that we have already are attached to said server and now if we go to the website of what is my ip to see if it certainly has been configured with it vpn server let’s situated what is my ip and we recruit the sheet to see what IP address we have now we see that we are already connected to the vpn server in this case as we had configured with a vpn in the usa now we can see that the configuration is already has done successfully if they receive the ip address is the same as it is configured now with our 1 sound vpn expansion and now you can navigate from safe practice in case you have a limited website

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