ExpressVPN – Wer sind die neuen Eigentümer? Warum das nicht gut ist! (VPNTESTER Kommentar)

Servus and hello dear books hello dear to seeI’m delighted to see that he is back at vpn tester and the coming week I have chosena brand-new topic and that some readers have asked me the questionor more details about it as they demanded namely the sale of express vpn to kate technologiesand what are the reasons for it from my view and have fun with it express likepenn was sold at cap engineerings because the purchase price 960 million us dollars that isnot little coin was expressive ten years ago Founded eleven years ago and is certainly oneof the best-known providers on world markets, “theres been” no reason that I will go into in a moment US dollar buy sumpaid, which means that an online service is very often rated according to how many active dues it isor subscriber customers he simply has and every compensating purchaser spends 300 dollarsplus that is a whole lot of money how was represent like pel not known the provideris no question he is fast has very good apps places in numerous many countries anexcellent one Service sizable for the most part and what can also be viewed in generalbut that was the problem from my point of view is express has, so to speak, bought the customers I have recently been quite consciously via a exceedingly exaggerated commission that they pay, because they may not know but there are many partnerships that means you cannow if you visit a page that recommends you conveys as evidenced by the warmestheart click on a relation comes to the expressive page then know expressiven from lean you havereceived this recommendation and this recommending partner will find marriages from ibm then gets 80 to 100% ofa year at 80 b Is 100 dollar commission that is a lot of money and it is not surprisingthat express flip-flop because they pay an unbelievably high quantity of commissionsso they are recommended incredibly often so that they get a lot of attention and saysthe customers have just received even though they are one of the greatest Seeing works on this planet, so tospeak, or those we know are still expensive, but express libya is certainly right at the top ofthat Of course, they too recommend that you noted that you get a commission here.My positionis so high, then of course it’s even more important than if you simply don’t know yet, youdon’t get 30 cents for a new patron, then the customer probablydoesn’t have that either an interest that one is now one Certain product happens so strongly when weexpress ourselves now as when we look at it, then you have been recommended by a couple of the two sites particularly often in the last three years that was, for example, the largestwebsite in the world that is taipeh and mentor to the page from gnther come there if it isalready found by about 12 million people actually warned each yearbut from the words beings per month high-pitched that is quite a large number ofvisitors and like mentor has a lot of money in it pass made, howto invest in advertising and get better with google standings and so on , not profoundly objectionable if we look at our female back then theyrecommend principally express cyberghost and private internetx as these are the providers whereit is apparently the journalists of constituents one thing there is a requirement to smile a little buttheir person onen at vip event ag recommend these services stop the whole device now a bita lopsided light-colored because you know your express like benzol as I said 2021 now sold at capetechnologies the secretion mentor was also sold a tipp engineerings a yearago for a purchase price of about 134 million us-dollars that is already a bitdifferent if you look at it that way here is a see-saw in comparison page that is seriousthat belongs to the same group as expressively quit now heard that you can say ok havenothing i am yes previously recommended in advance yes engineerings of his own weeks expressive dislikedelements but likewise bought loose himself also bought private internet access also constantlyon the cliq engineerings owns a whole series of fans it is and it was somehowonly logical that they are, so to speak too the sheets that recommend your products alsobuy with him in your group and whom If you look at this conglomerate now then I will say nowfor a long time to think about why this happens and whether you reallyrecommend everyone should trust his moment the other point who has bought addeds likeducks so perhaps cape technologies for a short time companionship that is listed on the londonstock exchange 1 fink I am more or less business engineering investor andskeptic is skeptical since 2000 17 shortly before they bought large-hearted themselves they called themselvesnamely in front of a hieske engineerings provider austria group a company that there arethree four years before it was already on the market that mainly dealt with completely differentservices and what we did is a free software which almost whileI was multiplying and distributing from one pc to another what did this software do when youwanted to to be informed about what they are doing then has crossfa Said yes you accelerate theinternet we do filter out advertisements that these were also something as he dominates internetacceleration services were installed or as an extension browserfrom which we have done is practically you have not filtered out the advertisings but “youve had” targeted advertisementsdeleted and others set that entails on one page maybe agoogle advertisement was displayed which was deleted and an advertisement for someone whocontinued to pay direct rate was inserted the user did not note it simply realized a currency whichhe then has not been able install that was still a little of a problemwhen you studied it it came back suddenly other maneuvers went infected and so on inthe end it was then so that of course it was completely not good, tools thatdelete their own advertisings are even funnier for a customer to tell di e likewise neverhas the comparison spread that google has blocked it in their browsers at some pointother providers like apple have been previously blocked it in their browser and in addition to thevirus protection providers started to find this crossrad malware as well as malicious application, so to speak, and too from designs delete customer that was so in 2016 2017 and there must have been thatI must continue to be like this hermann do something about exactly you only informed yourself soto say and then seven providers started to buy they did notearn a lot of money before that and you bought too big back then 2017 then you have time andsince I argued that I have bought the internet ten meters from the berliner at internetxsgk 19 in germany, the pigments are contributed and now construction mingle some ofthis participation are enjoying themselves not quite popular now that they belong to you well Iunderstand that I am specifically fit and since august that will not say that you are the sister company ofthe comparison locates that as I said that is a way of looking at things that may notbe in the interests of these providers, which I can recommend to you as a result of thesefindings that we have here on the one hand there are also many German technological comparisonportals or measure entrances pay attention to whether they are not working fit linksbasically nothing bad whether they tell you that they do so whether certainproviders are particularly well placed you are eligible to working in collaboration with the editors talk about thetest reports that is possible with us, for example, so you can write to each of usdirectly we are rich was for you so you can ask why we did that ourquestions to us every day so that is normal everyday life for us i think so Hopefully this should be the case foreveryone who reports on a produce You should also ask yourself criticalquestions, so experiment not only how the products bought but too Verdirecommends because the internet is normal today so that I speculate these reviewsare made fully unselfish and if that is the case then you should ring your alarm bells andwatch you the providers more accurately who should recommend what you should be reachable by phoneby email it should be known who that is exactly look at the background of the company and soon that has my recommendation and somewhere a make or a result of this knowledgethat we already have slowly acquiring the industry is not the only fiscal one you willthere is also lowball the ip little strongly pinsafe ideas and many other eventshave bought together with the world that symbolizes “theres anything” on the market likemergers being system until there is takeover seven providers who take care of themselves len theysee that we can get as countless customers as is practicable in a short time for the pc huge discountsand they still want a lot of customers because they then get a purchase price per purchaser from overseas investors hepays the company then he says yes we are able to placed these products back togetherbuy in our own publicizing stages or likenes locates also approximates well thatwent well together and then the effects are the profits that are possible becauseunfortunately we can’t mutate that we make sure that you have transparency about it aswe have a sheet like us can be found in the menu under tools and there the providerowner despite the seven providers with which media cooperation whicharea has the same owners as someone else like the provider oroften too with the cooperations I relate that under the video you can see that at aglance d I think that transparency helps in the case if you don’t ask then ifyou ask whether my unit or our people who publish thick with us orwrite research reports don’t hesitate in every article you can find why a telegramlink there you can contact us could augment us instantly by e-mail that can be reached at livechat by phone whatsapp subscribes to our telecom group and sorts in the channel that isperhaps likewise unusually recommendable so the majority of members of it was so far as good as i hopeyou were interested in the topic you can me with pleasure Also in the comments write whatother topic I’m interested in for the next week and then we’ll construe each other again soon, everything will be fine then servus and have a nice day

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