ExpressVPN VS Surfshark 2021🔥 Tested Live With A Hammer🚧

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😎 Does ExpressVPN or Surfshark unblocks Netflix, Disney Plus, HBO Max…?
Which one has better features? Find out in this live test video!

👉 ExpressVPN and Surfshark are both popular VPN services for a reason: they both have a solid network and good underlying technology. They also both have more features than you can reasonably shake a stick at, though that hasn’t stopped us from trying.

👉 And that’s exactly what we’ve done here: we dove in to test the general server speed and technology on both platforms, determine which streaming services they can both unlock, and how they match up to each other in general. Which will keep you more secure? Which is more annoying to use? We answer all those questions.

👉 If you want more details on ExpressVPN, check out the full review linked below. If you want a discount on your first year of ExpressVPN (or one of many other VPNs), our coupon page is also linked below.

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00:00 Intro
01:28 ExpressVPN and Surfshark Speed Comparison
05:02 ExpressVPN and Surfshark Split Tunneling
05:54 Streaming with ExpressVPN and Surfshark
08:39 Torrenting With ExpressVPN and Surfshark
10:00 ExpressVPN and Surfshark Security Features
11:07 ExpressVPN and Surfshark Compatibility
13:38 ExpressVPN and Surfshark Customer Support
14:36 ExpressVPN and Surfshark Plans and Pricing
15:37 Summary

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