ExpressVPN vs NordVPN Speed Test Comparison 🔥 A 2021 Review

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Transcript for ExpressVPN vs NordVPN Speed Test Comparison – A 2021 Review

What’s happening guys, it’s Adam here. And today I thought I’d do a really simple and quick video to do a comparison of the connection speed between Express VPN and Nord VPN. So we have Express and Nord open here and in the middle, we have a speed test. Now for both of these VPN, I do actually have a link that will take you to the latest deal or discount that they have on offer. So make sure you check the description for that. Now, this is a simple test here of the base speed. So I’m not actually currently connected to either of the VPN, this is just my regular internet speed I get from home, and this is coming in at 32 megabits per second. So once you connect to a VPN, you can expect a slight loss of speed, but hopefully is not going to be too much, you can’t expect to have no loss of speed at all, because you are going through a different server. So no matter what VPN you use, there will always be a slight reduction. Now as you can see, ExpressVPN is coming in at a very respectable 27 megabits per second. Now, this is actually one of the best in the industry. And personally, I’ve never found a VPN which connects faster. Now, once we’ve disconnected that we can come over to Nord VPN on the right and then we can test it again. This time, hopefully, we’re going to see a very good speed as well and it’s looking promising early on, but by the time it settles, it actually drops just below that of ExpressVPN and we end up with 25 megabits per second. So as you can see, these are both very fast VPN, you’re not really going to get many that can outdo this. Now obviously, this test is based on my own speed at home and the country that I’m in, which is in the UK, so speeds and tests will vary depending on where you are. But hopefully this has given you a good idea of the capability of these two VPNs Now don’t forget there is a link down below if you wanted to take advantage of their latest deals or discounts because if it’s speed that you’re after, then these are the top two to choose from. As you can see, there’s not much difference in it. And in some cases, you may even find that Nord VPN will do slightly better speeds than Express so I hope this video has helped Thank you for watching and please give it a thumbs up remember to stay safe online and I will catch you on the next video.


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Hope you enjoyed my ExpressVPN vs NordVPN Speed Test Comparison – A 2021 Review video.

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