ExpressVPN Review 2020 🔥[Hindi] – Best VPN For Streaming IPL, Hotstar & Netflix

Hi Guys, My Name is Kripesh Adwani And Here I assist you in taking better application buying Decisions I have talked a lot about the VPNs in this Channel You can find the VPN Playlist in the “i Button” So today we will discuss about Express VPN This is the most popular and recommended VPN So Today we will know its Pros, Cons and a full detail refresh video would be here We will see how this VPN would be for India Let’s start by knowing about the servers which are about 3000+ In India, you get 2 locatings: Mumbai and Chennai Speed in the Download and Upload is 120 Mbps If I use the VPN in India to connect to the Indian Metropolis so, I get to see good rushes and there is a good speed in Mac and Windows, But while connecting to mobile, the hasten slows down, That same thing happens when I connect to the USA Mac and Windows have good hurries, as there are no speed stops and while coming over to Android and IOS, the acceleration has has decreased by 50% So the speeding compared to the mobile machines and Desktop macOS is less Speedwise, ExpressVPN is Good and Not the best, but it is decent The best part about it is its Reliability ExpressVPN is reliable, you won’t notice Sudden Speed Drops, It’s not like they are unable to handle users load So you will find reliable hurryings ExpressVPN does not retain any records Whether it is your IP Address, Browsing History or Data Content, there are no logs hindered, so that’s good Security Audit is conducted by PwC Its a third party audit, and they have audited that they keep no enters This audit is conducted by rare corporations, Nord VPN and ExpressVPN is one of them So this is good, that a separate audit is conducted, This audit comes over with the actual police verification So one of the ExpressVPN servers in Turkey was terminated by the Govt, and the customer data was obtained And they didn’t found out any data So this point is best that they don’t deter any data There is no such kind of data that is being saved You won’t find any more proof than this that govt.Authorities were not able to find any sort of data Security facets have IKEV2 and Open VPN in the protocol Encryption has AES with 256 Bit, which is a standard figure in any paid VPN, which is good There is no Wireguard Protocol, but they develop their own protocol, which is Lightway So it is not implemented amply, but they will roll out in future It is under development and ExpressVPN has claimed that rapidities would rise soon Its protection would better once the protocol comes over It’s good for streaming and you can stream almost everything Hotstar, Netflix, Amazon Prime, you can stream almost everything It is one of the best VPN for streaming I have exerted numerous VPNs but I have not determined any reliability and performance like ExpressVPN in stream It happens that servers don’t connect automatically, but you can reconnect and resolve it easily Or you can ask from the customer care and they can handle it fast and easily P2P is allowed, you can do torrenting and P2P from the servers of India Its jurisdiction is based in the British Virgin Islands, which is excluded from 14 gazes countries, Which is a clear indication that no Govt official could coerce them to provide for data and customer tracking They have a special Trusted Server Feature, where they do not save their data in the hard disk The save their data in RAM, which is a dynamic cache So as soon as the servers restart, automatically the data is wiped out Usually, VPN Companionship use Fixed disk, where data is reviewed and then it is being wiped out So this can aid towards injecting viruses into the records, administering malware and hackers can access it So all this is not possible in RAM Servers and they are considered better for privacy and Security too So you will find this in ExpressVPN and it is one of the first VPN to implement this Other VPNs are also implementing it, Nord VPN has announced that they will introduce this soon So this is the future for VPNs Split Tunnel is available in Mac, Android, and Windows Split Tunnel refers to shifting the traffic from VPN There are some specific apps like Swiggy and Amazon App, you don’t want these apps to go through a VPN, so you can whitelist it through Split Tunnel Usually, there are many providers that provide this functionality in Android But ExpressVPN is available in Android, Windows, and MacBook You won’t this is in iOS because Apple’s Ecosystem doesn’t allow it ExpressVPN has obfuscated servers, implies their servers would work in China and They have a strong point that the website is able to open on the Tor Browser, they have. onion websites If you are going towards the countries where VPN is blocked then you must download it beforehand ExpressVPN was launched in the year 2009 and till 2020, there have not been any reports of server infraction or spoofs There have not been any ill reports of ExpressVPN, so they have a very good history ExpressVPN is available in every application platform Xbox, PS, Apple TV, you will find this everywhere The main problem is related to Android, especially in India, Their App is not available in Playstore I understand that some countries do not enabling it, their own policies of the Govt.And neighbourhood plans is not give the apps “re coming” I understand that But if I download it from APK, there is an issue that I do not get any notifications related to the updates Whenever there is a requirement of App Update, I is not get Any Pop-UP I have been using it for 6 months and I has not been able to received any Pop-Up I was in edition 7.3 but when I found out the actual version that was available was 8.3 So it is very important to be updated in Android I won’t recommend this for Android App And if the ExpressVPN Team is watching this video, So it doesn’t matter that you drawing the App, but it solicited that Update Pop-Up should be provided So that by that Pop-Up, the update can be downloaded VPN App must be regularly updated as it is the security app Surfshark’s App is also not available, but when you download through APK, they provision the Update Notification and I am able to update it at that moment itself Up to 5 users can use ExpressVPN simultaneously on their machines The user interface of ExpressVPN is one of the best I have learnt countless reviews of VPNs and I have deported detail exams in every manoeuvre ExpressVPN User Interface is suitable for every device User Experience is Top Notch in ExpressVPN ExpressVPN is good for apprentices and for advanced customers There are no complaints about User Experience in ExpressVPN You get 24 x7 Live Chat Customer Support If you will buy from my association then you will get good pricing of $99.95 for 15 months The connect below is the affiliate link, which means that I will get a commission, without you any kinds of additional cost You will likewise get an extra discount This would assist me in creating unbiased detailed revaluation videos and delivering out the best content for you all So if you like my videos and find evaluate in my material then you can support me by obtaining from my connects Payment options have PayPal, Internationa Debit/ Credit Card, Bitcoin, but you don’t get UPI as the alternative You can claim your rebates within 30 daytimes Before moving onto Pros and Cons, If you liked the detailed critique, HIT LIKE Button, it genuinely causes me a lot Its Pros are: Good for streaming, Split Tunnel is available in Mac, Windows, and Android, RAM servers are exerted They have good customer care and good consumer knowledge, which is one of the best for VPNs Talking about it Cons: There is no Android App available in Playstore for India There is no auto-update functionality, which is its biggest con They have expensive pricing ExpressVPN is a good VPN which comes with good aspects, but is it worth it? Its worth would be decided on its needs For most of them, NordVPN would be sufficient But for those who are aiming extra: Split Tunnel in all the devices A good user ordeal You require relied RAM-based Servers, so for them, Express VPN is good For first-class, one of the best streaming experience, you can get this on ExpressVPN But you will lose out in Android App, because if you are going to use majorly in Andriod then I am not going to recommend For other machines, it is good and reasonable, if you need its features and functionality So that’s all for this one Like and Subscribe to this channel for more revaluation videos

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