Expressvpn Review 2020 🔥 Top 5 Features of Express VPN

✅ My updated Expressvpn Review in 2020 covers the Top 5 Features of Express VPN.
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Transcript of Expressvpn Review 2020 – Top 5 Features of Express VPN

What’s happening guys is Adam here from cyber dog. And today I wanted to talk to you about ExpressVPN is the VPN that I use on a daily basis. And in particular, I wanted to run over my top five features of this product. A number one on the list has to be the speed of this product, it really is lightning fast. So without the VPN connected, if I run a speed test, you’ll see that my normal base internet connection is around about 16 megabytes per second download speed, this would usually actually be quicker than that. But my router is quite far away from my computer at the moment, which explains that speed. So when using any VPN whatsoever, you have to expect a slight reduction in speed. This is because you’re being routed through another server. But as you can see, when I connect to the most local server that ExpressVPN has to offer to me in the UK, the reduction in speed is barely noticeable at all is coming in between 14 and 15 megabytes per second. And believe me, this is way above the competition of any other VPN on the market. So when you connect to a more distant server, which for me is one in the United States, you expect the speed to drop even further. But again, with ExpressVPN, I barely notice any reduction at all. It’s coming in around 14 megabytes per second, which is quite amazing considering the distance between myself and America. And from here, I can go even further afield, I can connect to a server over in India, and we can see what the speeds like there but I can guarantee is going to be just as good. Now as you can see, Google speed test in India is laid out slightly differently, but it does the same job. And as you can see the speed is coming in around about 14 megabytes per second similar to that of the United States. And considering that my initial speed was 16 megabytes per second, this really is quite amazing. So number two on my list is its abilities when it comes to torrenting ExpressVPN makes use of a kill switch. Now this is very important when torrenting what it does is it will cut all connections to the internet completely should your VPN connection drop for any minute. That basically means that there never be a time when you’re accidentally torrenting was not securely connected to the VPN. On top of this Express VPN offer unlimited usage with no bandwidth caps whatsoever. None of their servers are restricted for p2p or file sharing and they have a no logs policy. What this means is that they will never keep a record of any of your online activity so you know that you’re safe and anything you do was torrenting will not be tracked. Now something which I’m always using ExpressVPN for is unblocking Netflix. Now for my home country in the UK, I can search for the office, and I’m not currently connected to the VPN at all, what you’ll see is the UK version of the office showing up in the listing, which is great, but the US version of the office isn’t available in my country. So in order to watch that I need to come into the VPN, I need to connect to a server in the United States. And then when I come back into Netflix, I can then search for it again only this time, Netflix is going to think that I’m browsing from the United States. And it’s going to show me the version of the office that they have over there. This is great because it unlocks a whole new library of content. And not only can you do this in the US, but you can unlock other country restricted versions of Netflix from all around the world. And number four on my list has to be ExpressVPN ease of use. The way there are many systems are laid out is so easy to understand. Everything is just there in a nice, nice simple menu. And it really just seems to make sense. Even for somebody who’s never used a VPN Express is such a simple tool to get to grips with and such an important part of any VPN is being able to find the server that you want. Express makes this easy, they have a recommended section they also have a favorite section. And then they have the section for all of this service in total. In this section, you can actually click on any one that you like to add it to your favorites and then it will show up in the list which will save you time in the future. And last on my list is a feature that you will not find on many other VPNs and that is a built in speed test. In order to run it you need to disconnect from the VPN and then you can access it from the main menu.

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