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Yep, one of the oldest providers on the market, ExpressVPN never stops surprising. Even in all-around problematic 2020, it managed to make your life easier with major improvements like their new protocol. Watch this ExpressVPN review and find out which VPN still beats it.

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00:00 Intro
0:57 Why you should trust my review?
1:28 ExpressVPN’s recent updates
2:40 ExpressVPN privacy features
3:04 Where ExpressVPN is based?
3:33 Is ExpressVPN safe? Security features
3:50 ExpressVPN speed test
4:16 ExpressVPN Lightway speed test
4:28 ExpressVPN vs NordVPN speed test
4:55 Does ExpressVPN unblock Netflix in 2021?
5:38 ExpressVPN app SHOWCASE
6:03 Will ExpressVPN work on my device?
6:44 ExpressVPN on router
7:12 ExpressVPN’s .onion site
7:58 Pricing overviewed
8:11 Does ExpressVPN have free trial? Or money-back guarantee?
8:32 ExpressVPN cons
8:49 ExpressVPN vs NordVPN vs Sufshark vs CyberGhost

ExpressVPN is a famous name and for a good reason. It’s a great service that keeps providing stable connection, fast speeds and extremely good protection. Their new protocol Lightway will make them a worthy opponent to NordVPN and addition of new features and servers pushes them closer to being the best VPN to start 2021 with. I hope my new ExpressVPN review will explain in great detail what you can expect from this service.

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