Expressvpn 2020 Review- Is It the Best VPN for watching Amazon Prime?

Watch my ExpressVPN 2020 Review & see how it performs at unblocking Amazon Prime.
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Transcript Below for ‘Expressvpn 2020 Review- Is It the Best VPN for watching Amazon Prime?’

What’s happening guys, it’s Adam here back with another video. And with today’s topic, I’m going to be taking a look at how to unblock country restricted content on amazon prime. Now, if you have amazon prime, you’ll already know that it’s a great streaming platform. But what you might not know is that there’s a lot of titles out there that you’re not able to watch because of the country that you’re streaming from. As an example, there’s a movie that I really want to watch at the moment and it’s called creed two. So when I search up an amazon prime video, it comes up in the list, and it even says underneath it that it’s available with my prime subscription. However, when I go to try and watch it, you’ll notice that there’s not a play button anywhere. And on the right hand side here it says that it’s not available in my location. This is where a VPN comes in. There are a lot of VPNs out there. Some are good at unblocking streaming content, and some aren’t. And the one that I always use is ExpressVPN is fast and reliable and it always seems to get the job done. Now ExpressVPN uses various different protocols. Usually this is selected automatically, but when streaming to make sure we don’t come into issues, we want to select the IK v to protocol. So once you’ve chosen that, and you’ve hit OK, now you need to choose a location to browse from, we’re going to pick the United States because I know that crito is available to stream over there. So we click that in the list, then hit Connect. Now when we come back into amazon prime video, we can search for crito again, and this time when we click watch, it’s going to take us straight into the video so that we can start watching it without any issues whatsoever. Now amazon prime video isn’t the only streaming platform that ExpressVPN blocks, it works well with others too. And I’ve actually done a couple of videos to show how to use it with Netflix and with Hulu as well. So check out the description because there’ll be links to those videos in case you wanted to watch them. And as well as that I’ll put a link to download ExpressVPN and to take advantage of any current discounts they might have. So I’m going to get on and watch this movie now. I hope you’ve enjoyed learning something new. Thank you for watching. Remember to stay safe online and I will catch up with you on the next video.

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