Express VPN Review 2020 – Is It the Best VPN for watching Hulu?

ExpressVPN review of 2020 & see how well Expressvpn performs at watching Hulu outside the US.
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Transcript below of ‘Express VPN Review 2020 – Is It the Best VPN for watching Hulu?’

What’s happening guys, it’s Adam from cyberduck here. And today I’m going to be taking a look at how to use ExpressVPN. So that you can access the streaming site Hulu, when you’re outside of the US. So the first thing I’m going to do is I’m going to go on to Hulu from a normal internet connection. And when we get onto the page, you can see that I can access the website. But when I click on anything that I want to watch, there is no play button anywhere. This is because I’m based in the UK. And as you probably already know, Hulu do not allow you to access their content when you’re outside of America. So to get around this, we’re going to close down Hulu completely come into a VPN and select a server that’s based in the United States. Hit Connect. And as soon as this is connected, we can now go back onto Hulu and it’s gonna think that we’re browsing from the US so this time as you can see, there is a play button next to every single title in the list. This means that you can go for their entire catalog, click play and watch whatever you like. Now, streaming sites like Hulu and Netflix aren’t too keen on the use of VPNs. So what they do is Try to stop them being able to work who was actually got more effective measures to do this than Netflix. So it’s even harder to gain access to. There’s only a few VPNs out there that can do it. And some work better than others. The main reason I’m using Express when you’re watching content online, you need a quick connection speed, so it doesn’t keep buffering when you’re trying to watch and from my experience, Express is one of if not the fastest VPN I’ve used, I’ve been able to watch the show or the movie from start to finish without any buffering whatsoever. Now occasionally, when you go to watch something, you might come across a slight issue and that is this screen here. But don’t worry, there was a very simple fix to this. The reason it’s happening is because Hulu has detected that you’re using a VPN. Now ExpressVPN actually has a few different protocols that you can choose from. So we need to disconnect from the VPN and come into the options menu will will then look at the list of protocols available. As you can see this is set to automatic. Now some of these protocols are aimed at quicker speeds and some more security now the one to use to avoid this error message from Hulu is the last one on the list the L two TP protocol. So once you’ve selected this hit OK, then you can reconnect to an American server. And from here you’ll be free to watch Hulu without any interruptions whatsoever. There’ll be a link in the description to my full review of ExpressVPN along with other VPN as well, as well as that I’ll put some links down there so you can take advantage of any discount they might have on. So until the next video, stay safe online and don’t forget to give this video a thumbs up.

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