hello people welcome back to my channelour therefore welcomed my path if you’re here for the first time today in this videoI’m going to show you some subterfuges of popcorntime android form app. in my lastvideo I depicted you the procedure of streaming movies and TV lines in the desktop version of popcorn day app and if you want to watch that video just go to thedescription box, I have added the video connect there and I’m making thisvideo today because some people told me that they were having streaming problemsin popcorn age android explanation app and their problems were like they thoughtthat they would need a paid VPN service or they were facing some bufferingproblems the movie won’t load or something and the other difficulties arelike the cache folder couldn’t be stored and other kind of problems and shitokay I’m gonna solve all these problems here in this video today and at first Iwill tell that those problems are caused because this app needs to have the rightsettings option and if you don’t have the right places alternative the moviewon’t load and those telephone might not have the rights of the options becauseand that’s why they were having their own problems and okay I’m not going to talkmuch I’m going to the procedure right now well this is my app you have todownload it from the downloaded link I have provided in the description boxbecause you won’t find the app in the Google Play Store and that’s why if youdownload from the link well after downloading the app you haveto install it and after the station process precisely don’t open the app rightaway because you have some things to do before opening the app at first yougo to the app info well now go to storage option now you make sure you putyour app in external storage because if you don’t do that your internal thestorage are likely to be spate and well if you have a 32 GB or 64 or 128 GBinternal storage then that wouldn’t be a problem for you you’re good and afterthat you clear the data of the app okay done and now go to the popcorntime appi’m opening mine this is the popcorn time app just keepit in allowed climate and go to the rectifies option here is the rectifies alternative inthe settings option “youve had” three things to do at first go to the playeroption and you make sure you introduced this hardware acceleration option invisiblemood after that scroll down and go to the cache folder option and you kept thisin SD card mood and the third and final one is you make sure you tick this boxokay you obstruct this check box ticked and well this is done and now I’m gonna playthis movie and okay here you can see there are 1080 p version, 720 pversion and others and I’m going to play in 720 p account now well before playingthe movie just let me tell you that the loading process is acces faster in thenext form but in this Android version you might face seven time or sixminute loading process in my action it made 8 times ok so that’s not aproblem actually but I think that’s a bad thing of this Android version butanyway in terms of downloading and streamingI think it’s considerable and you have to have that persistence well now playing it don’t do that let’s positioned it in offset andnow your movie is gonna be loaded now the movie is lading I’m telling you it’s gonna make sevenminutes or six hours at least if you even have a good connection it mighttake that much very because I don’t know what’s the problem of this app let’s keep waiting okay well if you want to fast forward the videoyou can because no need to sit for six minutes or seven times see? it started to laded and it will beloading very fast from now and now the movie is gonna start well the movies disappearing smoothly and I’mgoing to I’m going to have to close the movie because of the copyright publications sosee the the movies onus okay you may have to wait for seven to eight minutessometimes but the movies gonna load and I “ve told you” it’s better than downloadingthe whole movie and so here the works, all of the works are done but one thingI’ll tell you that well I precisely closed the app from my home button but youdon’t do that because look? here its still operating okay ?! you have to go to the appagain and then you have to to insert the back button two times and that’s how thedownload process will be closed and your cache folder will be deleted from yourstorage and this is the whole process of the popcorn occasion android seeing app and one other thing I want to tell you that I’m recording this whole video inthe visor Pro app you may know that visor app is Google located Google Chromebased app and it lets you mirror the phone screen to your PC but there’s thevisor app and vysor pro, those are the two different things vysor is freebut vysor Pro is paid and you have to pay some fund to use visor pro but I’mjust not dedicating any money to the vysor company to use this vysor Pro appbecause I applied some pranks like two or three steps jokes andthat’s how I can use visor Pro like free so if you want to watch that procedure Iwill make another video illustrate you how you can use visor Pro free of charge in 2020 like a…just two or three steps you have to dothis two or three steps okay so well I don’t have anything to say for today nowand bye for later and if you like this video only agree the path andsmash the bell icon to get notified whenever berth our video.

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