DrayTek: How to set up VPN Load Balance

welcome to draytek Australia my word is Roy Panetta in our last video I established you how VPN load balancing will improve your interoffice communications in this video I will show you how to be established by a consignment poised VPN trunk between two sides as shown in this diagram we will start by configuring two IPSec VPN profiles in the head office figure 3900 Beata go to VPN and remote access drapery and configuration menu click on add to add VPN profile we now enter the required items we appoint this profile VPN one allowed to be and select always on now select authentication type to PSK into the appreciate key select way and one into the neighbourhood IP subnet which is recruited 0.0 0.0 for regional next move open remote router where not address for a remote emcee enter remote branch office network LAN IP address details now we click apply to save the defines leave advanced locateds at fault importances now we enter GRE names adopt enable this chart register the local and remote GRE IP addresses we had previously apportioned next we register i ke recommendation fixeds now we repeat this procedure for the second VPN profile we will call this VPN to once we have completed the VPN profiles they are able to both appear in the list as we can see here the next step is to configure a VPN load equilibrium we go to VPN and remote access VPN trunk management configuration menu adopt load match consortium and click Add to add VPN load equilibrium puddle chart now establish profile drag 1 and click apply hand-picked profile drag 1 and click on edit to configure this chart select quantity poise invoice to and select the two VPN profile VPN one and VPN to now click apply to save and adopt load counterbalance govern invoice and sound Add enter the required items now select told equilibrium draw previously created and click apply now the consignment offset ruler has been created for the head office router now that we have completed the configuration of the head office Reata we will start configuring the remote agency bigger 3200 router now we likewise all need to set up to IPSec VPN profiles we will start by going to VPN and remote access mental integrating menu click on the first index to add a VPN profile we now enter the required details enable the VPN profile and dedicate it a name here we use 3200 – BPM 1 determine order direction to dial out and ever on adopt IPSec tunnel for dial out situates into the head office radaway an IP address which is 10 10 or 10.1 penetrate i ke pre shared key for i ke of an occasion procedure and adopt hi ESP des without authentication for IPSec security nefertiti CP IP network adjusts we enroll the remote structure I’d be off and it’s netmask the local network IP will be in GRE over IP six locates enable IPSec toilet function Jerry over our visa and register my Jerry IP address of IP address of a to save now we configure the second VPN which we’ll call 3200 – VPN – they set up a similar to the firstly VPN except that now we adopt when – and we participate the relevant IP domiciles for when tier communication the last step is to configure a VPN load symmetry we go to VPN and remote access VPN trunk control configuration menu we go to general setup adopt enable and give the profile a word here we called it stem one now we select the to VPN profiles and assign them to number one and number two and select load equilibrium for active state now sounds Add to save the locateds we are today realise the VPN trunk listed under the load poise profile inventory as shown here now if we go to VPN and remote access joining handling configuration menu we can see the VPN profiles are up and running and in onu match mode I hope this video will help you set up your own VPN load counterbalance connection between your areas you will be able to have VPN passageways over multiple LAN associates there are still so for big Network characters between any two sides this also provides redundancy sure one of the away and ties-in miscarry if you require further information please visit our website www.graebert.com today you or send an email to support at Troy tech comm today

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