Does a VPN improve your security and privacy?

today we’re going to talk about VirtualPrivate Networks commonly known as VPNs a VPN is a secure tunnel between twodevices this is commonly between your work laptop and your business networkwhen traveling some people likewise use VPN works that you can subscribe to toget around Geographic restraints for video streaming services like trying toaccess US netflix content there’s a misconception that a VPN will anonymizeyour system commerce to stop your government or Internet service providerfrom spying on you this is only partially true-life a VPN simply alters theendpoint where your data opens the wider Internet so what this conveys isinstead of your ISP being able to see your traffic your VPN provider that yousubscribe to can see it instead virtually propagandizing the problem furtherdown the line so instead of trusting one company your trusting another oneinstead the strongest case for using a VPN is to securely access your businessnetwork when away from the part when you’re traveling with your laptop andyou’re connecting back to the office with a VPN you’re basically creatingan encrypted passage so the information that conveys between your laptop andyour corporate system can’t be spied upon modified or change this allows youto access your server corporation enters and business applications just as if you’resitting in the agency this reduces the risk of security infringements when workingremotely particularly when you’re working on an untrusted networkjust recollect VPN doesn’t give you license to ignore good securitypractices it’s still a good feeling to avoid public and free Wi-Fi systems asa VPN doesn’t shield you against coming malware from a malevolent website or aphishing email if you think that a VPN sounds well suited to your business getin handle and we’ll talk about your requirements

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