Dica | Prof. Léo Matos – Informática – O que é VPN?

look at vpn kiev pn bpn comes from the word virtual private structure that is, virtual private structure that virtual private network is used by chapters of the same organization to communicate privately even employing public structure formations then you tell the teacher how to use a publicly-owned network for private communications witness these chapters need to communicate and exchange information exchange data through their arrangement they will use what is good to use the internet to do this communication because the internet is a ready structure a design to be communicate even internationally so the internet here is going to be a means of communication between these divisions but the internet is a public structure and has become a public network the information is likely to be caught and read by unauthorized persons so that these limbs are going to do this organization is going to work with that beings call it vpn when they use the internet connection in now they will connect to the internet through bpn vpn will create a virtual direct here inside the internet this virtual path inside the internet is generated due to the use of bpn servers and right inside that path it will be a means of communication between these limbs this path can also call back passage in the hasten we usually call it communication through tunneling and this path is going to give the possibility for these disciplines to exchange message privately since this direct will use the processes of encryption and then it means that inside this direct everything will be done through encryption this is what will perform the vpn even working public system organizes form the communication in a I hope I help me out here there in the concept of bpn is a virtual private network created within the public network structures for the private communication of organizations because private because it is using the encryption procedures grip for you

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