DASHLANE PASSWORD MANAGER review 2021 | Eye-opening Pros & Cons

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If you’re not using a password manager, chances are you are in danger of forgetting or losing your passwords.
There are a lot of password managers, and choosing between them is hard. It’s twice as hard if you remember that a good password manager can save more than your passwords, but also banking data and important documents. In this Dashlane review I will help you find out if Dashlane is a proper password manager for you.


➜ Password generator – allows you to create strong, hard-to-crack passwords. Even though it’s a pretty standard feature for top password managers, it’s still a crucial one.

➜ Password health checker – see if your passwords are weak, reused or compromised, and easily change them.

➜Two-factor authentication

➜ Biometric authentication

➜ Dark Web Monitor – scans billions of records related to hacks and data breaches, and checks if there are any breaches associated with your email address.

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00:00 Intro

00:46 What security & privacy features does Dashlane have?
2:07 What Dashlane premium members get?
3:15 How good is Dashlane password manager built-in VPN?
3:41 Is Dashlane easy to use?
5:02 Can you import passwords with Dashlane on Safari?
5:18 Can you rely on Dashlane’s customer support?
6:03 What’s Dashlane’s value for money?
7:02 Tutorial: how to set up Dashlane
8:26 Overview: can you trust Dashlane password manager?


Dashlane password manager is out there alongside NordPass and LastPass, a very high-quality service that can generate secure passwords, detect data leaks and do even more than that. It’s definitely worth the money and I do not regret spending time testing it out.

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