CyberGhost VPN Review— Is It Legit?

Gabe Turner: Hey, folks. This is Gabe at Security Baron. In the world we live in, spirit was a matter. Some parties supernatural. Some parties get spirit on, but could it bepositive in the world of VPNs? Let’s check it out today in our review ofCyberGhost.[ music] Gabe: In today’s review of CyberGhost, we’regoing to look at the pros and cons, peculiarities, extended some velocity and divulge measures, check out thesubscription options, customer support, and finally, the mobile application so you haveall the information you need to move the right decision.If you’d like to see a register of our favoriteVPNs, google “Security Baron Best VPNs.” If you have a question about today’s review, leave us a comment and I’ll get back to you. Let’s look at the pros and cons of CyberGhostVPN, beginning with the pros. They’re headquartered in Romania, which isnot a part of any international surveillance planned which is great. You can feel somewhat lock with that. They have some of the best customer supportreviews out there. Finally, they have one of the most affordablesubscription projects with alternatives as low-spirited as $2.75 a few months. Now, on the con side, CyberGhost does keepa little bit more of your information that I think is probably required, like your IPaddress, which they claim to anonymize. Ultimately, they do not allow for any split tunneling. If you want to be on a private structure anda public network, you’re going to be out of prosperity. You’re going to have to pick one or the otherwith CyberGhost VPN. Now that we’ve gone over the pros and consfor CyberGhost VPN, let’s check out its feature primed, beginning with its data entering policy.Most VPNs will keep your specify, address, email, used figure, remittance intelligence, but CyberGhost VPN also takes into account how often youuse the VPN, what country you’re in when you used it, even contains onto to your IP addressthough it states to anonymize that last bit of information. For me, that’s entirely too much for yourVPN company to be holding onto. When the time comes to a Kill Switch feature, theyactually do have one. They hire it in case the VPN exits out.It’s also known as a network lock peculiarity. If you’re browsing the Internet, consuming anapp, anything of that sort, it’ll automatically stop so that your info isn’t exposedto the public network in the case of something happening to our VPN. The next peculiarity we’ll look at is split tunneling. Split tunneling is something that you’ll useto be on a public and private network at the same time, but not something offered by CyberGhostVPN. We like separate tunneling because it does allowyou to reduce your bandwidth application while fixing your Internet speed a little bit faster. Unfortunately, CyberGhost does not providethat opportunity. When you’re looking at Netflix access, nonetheless, and the constant tug of war between Netflix and VPN companionships, CyberGhost is doing prettywell.We were able to use Netflix with CyberGhost. I will precisely note that when you’re lookingat exercising Netflix UK, you may have to pay more for that IP address. Hold on. Quick break. CyberGhost VPN has its headquarters in Romania, whichis outside of the Five Eyes and Nine Eyes, and most other international surveillanceprograms. We’re wondering as a consumer how importantis that to you. We’d love to hear your thoughts in the commentsbelow. Let’s get back to the video. Now that we’ve gone over the pros and cons, and the specific characteristics of CyberGhost VPN, we’re going to applied it to the test. By that, I mean we’re going to give it a speedtest, a DNS leak test, and a Web RTC leak test.Just for the sake of transparency, I conductedall these tests with my switch group of a MacBook Air and ASUS VivoBook in a Brooklynapartment on the Optimum network. Let’s begin with the acceleration test, beginningwith download hurry. On my Mac, I exclusively ascertained a download differenceof less than 3 percent with the VPN as opposed to without it. My VivoBook didn’t fare as well, with the2 0 percent decrease in download velocity. Honestly, upload rapidity followed similar trends, with a difference of only 7 percentage on my Mac and 47 percentage on my Windows computer.Now the final thing that I went over was latencyor ping. If you’re a gamer, you want to keep that latencyto a minimum. Again, there was an increase of 14 percenton the Mac but 77 percent on the VivoBook. It appears from my experience that CyberGhostdoes better with Mac users in terms of speed over PC customers. Let’s deport a DNS leak test. DNS stands for Domain Name Server. It’s essentially when you type in, there’s actually a longer IP address underneath that. You don’t want that to be exposed to everyoneout there. Now width. CyberGhost VPN, it elapsed that seep test withflying colors. Let’s move on to the next one, which is theWeb RTC leak measure. Web RTC stands for Web Real Time Communication. It is, essentially, what is used wheneveryou connect two computers instantly together without going through an intermediate server. That’s something that happens on Chrome andFirefox when you’re transferring large documents, doing a video chat, or live streaming.You don’t want that private IP address togo to the other gathering. Fortunately, for us CyberGhost VPN did notallow that information to leak out. Once again, it guided the Web RTC leak testwith flying colors. Let’s check out the subscription options forCyberGhost VPN. If you sign up for three years, it’s goingto be $2.75 a few months. If you sign up for two years, it’s going tobe $3.69 a few months. If you sign on for a year, it’s going to be $5.99 a month or $12.99 monthly. Now the great thing with CyberGhost VPN isyou’re going to get access to over 3,700 servers in countless countries. You can connect up to seven inventions simultaneously. If you want a dedicated IP address, thosecost you an extra $ 5.00 a month. In words of furnishes, it’s pretty impressivefrom CyberGhost VPN. Let’s check out customer support for CyberGhostVPN. CyberGhost VPN has a few ways for you to getin touch with them. You can go to their online help center, ofcourse, and see if you can figure you the problem yourself abusing the FAQs.You can even create a ticket so they can answeryour question over term. What we like the most and this probably getsyou what you need most immediately, it’s going to be their live chat aspect. Live chat, you can go in, question someone a few questions, and they’ll get right back to you. When it comes to what parties are saying aboutCyberGhost, it’s pretty positive. It has a 3.6 out of 5-star rating on Amazonand a full 5-star rating on Trustpilot. Most of the reviews that specifically mentioncustomer support are very positive. What we like the most and we thought was representativeof what CyberGhost is doing in the customer support arena is that they responded to everysingle person.If you had a question, you had an issue, andit was in your review, CyberGhost actually responded to you which is topnotch support. CyberGhost is really going above and beyondwhen it comes to customer support. The last-place thing I want to address today isthe CyberGhost application available on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, but we want to focusspecifically on the mobile applications. With Android, it gets s 4.3 out of 5-starrating in the Google Play Store, whereas with Apple App Store, it does do as well, but it’snot bad, with a 3.4 out of 5-star rating.Let’s just go ahead and check it out on myiPhone X. Here we are checking out the CyberGhost VPNon my iPhone X. If I sounds right there in the middle, it’llgive me a Now York VPN. I see that large-hearted old button right there, withthe influence on and off button. Let’s check out best place. Now, you have a lot of servers accessible. It’s interesting how these various serversin all these different countries.If you click in the middle where it says streaming, you can actually look at the United Government, optimize for Netflix, optimize for Hulu, optimizefor Crunchyroll, optimize for YouTube in Germany. It’s pretty cool. You have a ton of different options. Optimize for HBO GO Romania. For someone like me who really used to watcha lot of Globo, you’ve got optimize for Globo Brazil. Actually, let’s pick one of these. Let’s go to optimize for Hulu in the UnitedStates. Click on that button in the middle, connecting, and spurt! Now I am, based in Dallas. It’s pretty straightforward. If I sounds this, I can disconnect. If I want to go to another location, go toCosta Rica, thunder! Now I’m connected to Costa Rica. San Jose, very straightforward. Basically, that’s all there is to the CyberGhostapp.You can reset to best place now at thebottom, which would get you to the fastest server are available in your spot. You’ve got that big button in the middle thatyou can tap on your iPhone or your Android. You can look at the various servers. I adoration being in different countries, at differenttimes. If you want to be in Japan, if you want tobe in Iceland, if you want to be in Denmark or Chile, it’s just simple intuitiveapp. It connects virtually instantaneously, and it’s prettysimple to use. That’s our look at the CyberGhost VPN app. We’ve come a long way with the CyberGhostVPN.I’ve yet to soul on you. You wanted to ask, hey, “Is this the rightVPN for me? ” Well, if you’re someone who really wants touse Netflix, have an inexpensive option for a VPN and have excellent customer support, then you might want to look at CyberGhost, extremely if you’re a Mac user. I say that because some of the cons are thatit isn’t the fastest or, at least, it wasn’t the fastest for me on my Windows computer. Additionally, I do think they retain a littlebit more information on you than required, Of course, that might be mitigated to someextent by the fact that they’re outside of all international surveillance platforms, butjust something to keep in mind. Finally, it clearly doesn’t allow for youto do any separate tunneling. That can also be a concern for those of youwho want to be on the public and private network at the same time.Overall, yes, I’m happy with CyberGhost. I think they cater a lot of functionalityand flexibility in the VPN marketplace. That concludes our examination of CyberGhost VPN. If you increase today’s video, give us alike and punched that agree button. As always, this is Gabe at Security Baron. Be ensured.[ music ].

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