CyberGhost VPN Review 2022 👻 It Is Cheap💵 It Is Fast🏍️ But Is It Safe❓

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It Is Cheap, It Is Fast, But Is It Safe❓

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🤔 The world of VPNs changes every year, and so do the VPNs themselves. We’ve gone back to one of our favorites to find out how CyberGhost has progressed, and whether or not it’s dedicated streaming, gaming, and torrenting servers still hold up today. Spoiler: it’s all still pretty good.

🤓 We re-tested the service’s network speed, how it handles streaming services, and we looked into its new features as well. (And some of those are pretty cool.) Of course, we also checked to see if the bugs that Ezequiel keeps complaining about are still there. Have a watch and see for yourself.

📃 To understand the full extent of the changes (and the things that have stayed the same) be sure to check out the full review linked below. There you can find the results of more detailed tests and a detailed feature breakdown.

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00:00 Intro
01:04 CyberGhost Overview
01:40 CyberGhost Dedicated Servers
03:27 CyberGhost VPN Speed Test
05:21 CyberGhost VPN Streaming Test
08:35 CyberGjpst VPN Security Features
10:34 CyberGhost VPN Compatibility
11:37 CyberGhost VPN Plans and Pricing
12:46 CyberGhost VPN Verdict

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