CyberGhost VPN Review 2020 – Pros, Cons, Live Demonstration and My Overall Recommendation

My full review of CyberGhost VPN of 2020 including showing you how it works.

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If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to become a ghost to be invisible, undetectable and untraceable, well today might be your lucky day. I’m about to review a VPN from a company called cyberghost. Now unfortunately, this product won’t let you sneak around your neighborhood without being seen. But it will let you connect to the internet without leaving a virtual footprint. So let’s jump straight into it and see what all the fuss is about. They’re highly talked about. And as usual, if there is any discounts or deals I will put a link below in the description so you can take full advantage of that. Now when you first go onto their website, you’ll find that it’s a nice and simple layout. You never feel like they’re being too pushy towards making a sale. And there’s a lot of useful information, some of which is information that I haven’t actually seen being given on other VPN sites before. As an example, there’s a topic on VPN server structures, which really does help you to understand how these servers actually work. They also have a Privacy Help section. This is extremely useful. And it teaches you things such as how to remove your data from some of the large web companies like Facebook, and Yahoo, for example, is a great read for not only cyberghost customers themselves, but for Internet users in general. cyberghost is available for Windows, Mac, and a few of their Linux based operating systems as well. On top of that, they have mobile apps for both Android and iOS. And they also have optimized apps for android TVs, plus the amazon fire stick. They also provide a manual setup guide for a host of other devices. If you click the link in the description below, it will take you to their website so you can check if it’s compatible with yours. And not only this, one of my favorite features is they actually have a browser extension for both Chrome and Firefox. These extensions will only protect you as to using the browser itself. And they do have limited locations where you can browse from but if all you’re doing is surfing the web, they’re a great way to connect and protect in the fastest way possible. So although these browser extensions are Limited, the best thing about them, they’re completely free. Now, as with a lot of VPN apps, when you open it up, you’re greeted with a quick connect button. This is great for if you don’t want to choose a server or you’re not fussed about the location that you’re going to be browsing from, you can hit this button and it will connect you to the fastest possible option. However, if you’d rather choose manually where you want to be browsing from, you can do just that. And unlike some VPN, which limit you to country locations or city locations, you can actually go a little bit further, and you can choose individual servers within these locations. So you have a whole host of options available to you. They have specialized servers for both streaming and torrenting. And you can also compile a list of your favorite servers so that next time you log on, you can access these more easily. There’s a connection Features tab. And in here you can enable or disable settings like ad tracker blocking malware detection and forced HTTPS. There’s a unique data compression feature, which not a lot of VPNs have and it saves bandwidth and speed up the loading. times by compressing the images and videos and other parts of the web pages that you’re browsing. They also have a smart rule section. This is great if you really want to customize your VPN, you can set out to do specific things. For example, you can make the app automatically connect when using a specific program, you can make connection rules that are unique to your Wi Fi network. So if you’re browsing on a different Wi Fi network, these rules will be ignored. Or you can make it automatically start up your browser as soon as a VPN connection has been established.

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