Curso Cisco CCNA Security – Configuración de VPN Site-to-Site – Capacity – 1 / 2

welcome all again to another laboratory of this sixtus route sixyear security in this laboratory we are going to learn how we can configure “ive ever seen” well using the eyed peas sec etiquette in a site topology basically your site what we are going to simulate is simply the connection between two lan networks that They are in two different metropolis and we are going to connect it through the internet to integrate them exerting the Psek protocol before I start I’m going to describe what is the lab topology well I have here so that can repeat it accurately and we can make this lab much easier I tell you from the start that piszcek is not a particularly user friendly technology that Let’s say to configure it is not impossible but they must have must follow the methods used that I am going to apply step by step and keep the details so as not to get lost in the process so I have a radar here this emperor we are going to call him r1 I have another degree from here and exiled we are going to call him to challenges so here we have an example of an ethernet button we are going to simulate what the internet is like and we are going to make a connection they lived on the internet then this router now forbade he has two ethernet interfaces in my case this is ernest’s y interface 0 and it has the ip address one is the ip address that I am not going to see configure to this serious and is the internet 1 0 1 has the address and was 1 1 2 and this ral here in his interface would be the 0 0 has the ip address 10 10 and 10 1 and here I have a this one genuinely the fas 0 0 to 20 genuinely 20 1 so I have this topology here mostly and now I’m going to shape the machines found in this ground here in this region here they are going to buy they are going to connect through a passageway to the pixel merely private then I’m going to use this same engineering and these ip domiciles to connect to configure rhythms now so for Please write this information so that you have it pending when I start developing the procedure I was just going to clear the screen now simply I I’m going to start with the fit I’m going to start from scratch to configure the ip address in its boundary is easy in 1 here we threw the address and it was 1 1 1 with 24 flecks if we do a know you down then now the interface is yours I labyrinth they are interface because it is u i dont see i just set as interpreter f 0 1 se acquisition or see here then here on the internet so from the euro also 112 and more we go then i come here in my halo and to interface 0 we are going to set 10 10 10 1 with 24 chips But before doing the he did not shoot, we are going to put it in about two weeks for the beings because I is not have the interfaces in this interface and ID is not connected to no switching but I want to hide from newtown the boundary is up even though I’m not connected to a permutation so I have to give it what write the bid is not a live kind to achieve this goal if I do this the interface ok is down upload it don’t let go all of us substantiated its boundary is easy in 0 and noting that I have been or the ip 10 10 10 1 here then the same the fas is easy for servers and pe to 10 20 20 20 1 with 24 chips ok I missed here no team alive is we are going to pay to knock her down and dedicate herself That are similar, I do not have any interface and no button of the cne connected but I require my interface and ernest v to be up “youre seeing” my interface and cne is up here it is perfectly speculation smart-alecky knowledge then now let’s set care table taipei superhighway suddenly will be connected through 112 and in truth 10 and zero more expensive than 24,000 is going to connect through I come here not to do a test in 2020 20 1 and now at long last 10 10 10 1 or that I once have my basic system configured now let’s start configuring nosed peas first gazed peas in the configuration we are going to divide it into all groups in two groups you will see that we are going to this procedure we are going to divide it into two times, the first the first chapter is to first configure it is one and then two but in each configuration of r1 and r2 we will have different phases for example the first What I’m going to do is configure what is called ekiza now mp that has been the time and that one internet and exchange 1 that is phase 1 then I’m going to configure what it would be stage 2 of this pixel configuration which is the actual configuration lo which would be to configure gazed peas can that in time 1 are still in and that one what is ago is that a passageway was configured for the exchange of administration data to establish the passageway and then the part in tunnel 2 that would be phase 2 what is and what and what 2 of chapter 2 of this setup which is basically in tunisian seen peas ect is genuinely the piszcek passageway through which user data is sent encrypted is not by passage 1 of stage 1 of phase 1 it is simply formed an encrypted tunnel to exchange keys but vip compulsion happens now in the light-footed phase then first we are going to start with the router or 1 and then we are going to configure router 2 we are going here in laurel a flaw between the new world-wide configuration I’m going to firstly start configuring and Take mp which is the el and which one as I mentioned period 1 for the development of one crypto is the crypto command and make mp program 1 then here we are going to set the encryption algorithm 3 we establish the algorithm that is going to use for md5 hash all these parameters are for phase 1 of the eyed peas tunnel in the authentication we are going to use to be geek radical 2 and lifetime let’s go 86,000 400 this is time 1 then then we are going to come here and we are going to exit to configuration state world and now we are going to write crypto and make mp the key that we are going to use as preacher that will be cisco and the ip address of the con gdp Who are we going to connect in such cases the IP address of the GDP and what are we going to do? to connect is the easy interface is this the 1 1 2 1 1 2 cisco so that’s part 1 of what would be phase 1 which would be the and what and what one or time 1 of the eye peas setup passageway on r1 now we are going to enter time 2 in r1 of the configuration of 16 which “wouldve been” the ui configuration that 2 or the passage looked peas expert se this we will divide into four stagecoaches us to be able to first create an access listing us to be able to generate what would be the eye peas is converted let’s originate what is a crypto planned and we are going to apply a excerpt take to a public interface that is the that is going to be used to do good then the first thing we are going to do now is let’s create an access list and ps3 and we are going to do the extended one this is going to be called be bien I am ready spread let’s do a per rhythm yp of whom of the address boundary of the interface the line that is connected to this hoax which is the network 10 10 10 0 with the guaical 000 255 and that structure which is 10 10 10 0 what is the network that is connected one will be able to connect with each other, what do I want to the network 2020 2001 baikal 000 205 to be neither accessible so now I’m going to configure it which is called the eye peas determined trans macrocosm which is where the isa really begins gmp period 2 or obstruction 2 then here we placed crypto and it changes ah exceed thirst for s it’s ep3 esp m of 5 now we introduced what is the encryption and the hacking algorithm that we are going to use in tunnel list 2 so here we are just train that stress encryption algorithm and md5 hacking so mostly that remains there and now we are going to configure what would be a crypto firebrand tryp take gm and we worded this cry cm efe 10 ay psek and make mp here my crypto map is created and I then placed the GDP 1 1 1 2 of the holler address I was just going to connect changes 7 s that’s the transmit that I exactly made the accord andrs and in my access list extended to my graphic surface so that I simply generate now then basically i am going to apply that omap dialogue configuration to my interface it is easy we interface one I’m going to shape my bark crypto delineate and there I develop my cryptome and notice how it immediately comes out here very important says isaac albniz so it be interpreted to mean that the ipc that is active in my interface is like that of the new one here then then I “re going to have to” mostly do the same but in r2 for this that one wants two I do the same procedure formed my entry and makes mp 1

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