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TorGuard is a great VPN if you frequently use torrenting and favor P2P connections overall. It’s a solid tool with a lot of great security and privacy features, but if you really want to also watch streams, play games and so on, then there are other options to consider.

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0:36 Quick TorGuard VPN overview
1:21 Privacy features discussed
1:37 Where is TorGuard based?
2:00 Is TorGuard VPN secure?
2:41 Does TorGuard have a kill switch?
3:06 TorGuard VPN speed tests
3:23 Does TorGuard unblock Netflix & other streaming services?
3:48 TorGuard & torrenting explained
4:41 Which apps does the VPN support?
5:29 TorGuard pricing explained
5:51 Does TorGuard have a free trial?
5:59 TorGuard vs NordVPN vs Surfshark vs PrivateVPN

Do not be mistaken, TorGuard is a good VPN for a lot of things, but there are just a couple of moments that make it a worse service than it deserves to be. It’s supposed to be a leading privacy protector, yet it is based in the USA, a privacy-unfriendly country, where TorGuard could be forced to give up your info to the government.

TorGuard is still a great tool for torrenting and more, but if you really value your online security, you will be better off using one of the other industry-leading VPN services such as NordVPN or Surfshark.

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