Cálculo en Excel del VP, VPN, y TIR

In this video I will explain how to calculate the present value the appraise net present and internal charge of return in excel if we are not going to talk in what each of these concepts consists of, we are only going to apply the formulae that excel yields us to calculate these concepts in the first place we have to have the cash flow and the years in which these are occurring cash flows in this case we have the first negative cash flow is say the negative investment in year zero and from there we have five years where we will be receiving 25 thousand pesoes at the end of each year “weve had” interest rates which is 9% for this precedent very good at calculate the present value of each of these cash flow the first thing I “re going to have to” do is region the equal clue and threw the formula in this case my outdo is in English then I have to calculate or I have to threw the English formula in this case is pb if if your exceed is in Spanish then you will have to use the formula of a what current importance conveys in this part down now I am situating some of the English to Spanish equivalents of those of the formulas that we are going to be using in this video, well we placed the formula now I know in Spanish or in English we open parentheses and the first thing We have to region here interest rates if I have it in this in this room I’m going to click on the interest rate and we investigate which is what the cell to which this interest rate parallels I will give a comma and in the next room I will locate the period number, that is, the year in which this cash flow is being given in this case it is zero I will sounds in this in this cadre which is 5 if I am going to continue replenishing the values of the formula the following space is a space to residence a number of remittance in such cases we are going to give that this payment multitude is similar to 0 because we are not needing it in this formula to calculate this cost present and finally we will place the future value the future cost the appreciate that is represented by the flow of effective in such cases I am going to place this infinite here because it is the one that I am calculating I close parentheses and then my formula is complete if to imagine the research results I simply exit to give enter and is in this case the current value for this cash flow it is 100 thousand in this case the cash flow for the financing has to be negative and therefore I am going to place a negative sign for it now for this inversion if the negative indicate or capacity is represented by the parentheses and by the red colour of the notes if when it is in scarlet and in parentheses means that the value expressed in is negative this cadre very well we do the same for the other importances same present evaluate I open parentheses sat the rate of interest arranged the year number in this case will be 1 and I introduced the cash flow for this calculate this present value He adopted it, I close parentheses and present enroll I’m going to see that the result it gives me is negative in this case what I am going to do is place a negative sign at the beginning to make this value positive in this case the formula of excel changes it in some way we have that the significance is the same but it has to be positive because it is a cash flow is a income then has to be positive we do the same for the other qualities and we would have something like this very well is the way to calculate the ethic represented in outdo now we are going to calculate the net present value the current value net for this for this project for this investment it is simply resources in the amount of the values present in this case I am going to get it on in this way and then I will calculate it according to the formula that outdo leaves us then i will make this equals the part to the sum of all the present values I close parentheses and well that net present quality this investment is minus 2700 58.72 we will check this result employ outdo formula excel formula for net present price is like continue we framed the same and we set the current value which is in English but is net present importance if we read it at overturn net present appraise we open, open parentheses and it asks us what firstly the interest rate the interest rate is 9% we select it as and here we are going to place all the values that all the cash flows yes and this is very important negative cash flow i.e.Investment that we are going to add separately that is very important then I will adopt cash flows then I’m going to close parentheses and add separately negative cash flow is saying what I paid what I devoted and now the formula is ready I’m going to give enter to see the research results If you look at it, it is the same result, exclusively that we attained the first one first taking the present value of each of the flows and then adding all those flows and this was how we got this result the second largest upshot that we find this was by the formula if you look at it is a lot simpler is easier is faster we simply use the formula net present value with all positive overflows and then add the flow of negative cash in this way we procure the net present value in exceed very well now let’s see how to calculate the internal proportion of return tir or in English and rr yes then as we saw in class the rr is predicted right then I’m going to give it can be the same and I’m going to place and rr open parentheses and It asks me the values and the values to calculate this and rr what are the values because they are all these I will select them all munch and I will lean a percentage the percentage now I will guess it I will frame the one here we are able to framed the price that is I will give the 7% I gave 7% or in such cases I will select the one that I already is in there above the 9 9% yes then I will shape parentheses and I will give enter I automatically get a number if this quantity is 7. 93 08 what I require this multitude is that the net present value is similar to zero We saw this in class so I’m going to place this interest rate numeral and I’m going to check that the net present value goes to zero if the ethic cyberspace present goes to zero so I have recently been find the interest rate, that is, the internal charge of return that is adequate for this project then I’m going to articulate now what I get from the internal charge of return that we calculated right now then it’s 7.9 30 826 until there I’m going to give enter and let’s see how these values modify if you look at the net present value went to see 0 which means that the internal pace of return for that investment is 7. 9 percentage I hope this tutorial this video is contributing to so that you can calculate everything that we realise in class in a more automated and much faster way in excel

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