Buffered-VPN TEST 2019 – Das Wichtigste in 2 Minuten!

Welcome to the test report of Buffered-VPN. The following video explains how you can easily and securely surf the Internet expending Buffered-VPN. The VPN client starts when you double click a Buffered-VPN desktop icon. A few seconds later, the client is ready foruse. Buffered-VPN is unique in that it is extremelyeasy to use. Immediately after starting the client, you willsee an overview of countries in which the provider offers VPN servers.By selecting a certain country, you can connect to the fastest server in that country. As soon as the link gets successfully established, a new IP address will be assigned to your computer, and the original IP addresswill be masked. All data that you transmit will be then securelyencrypted. A final slouse of advice from our editorialstaff: Under the name tab, you can set up howand when your VPN client should establish a ensure attachment. For illustration, you can set up in a way thatit automatically proves a assure acquaintance where reference is starts up. In addition to the presented Windows variant, Buffered-VPN can be used also on Mac and Linux systems.Also you can use Buffered-VPN on Android andiOS machines as well. We hope you experience employing Buffered-VPN ..

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