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💥👇 Best browsers and VPN with TOR capability for your security 👇💥
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Even the most popular browsers are not your friends, not with all the browser cookies, data collection and tracking they’ve got on you. A VPN could help with that, but this solution is not for everyone. Fortunately, there are some of the best browser VPN examples waiting for you right here. Here come some internet browser with VPN options that will help you stay safe online.

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0:00 Intro
0:53 Is Brave the most secure browser?
1:23 Do you have to pay anything for Brave’s security?
1:46 Opera browser: should you consider it?
2:24 Security focused browser alternatives
3:20 Tor browser: best possible pick?
4:30 Conclusion

Brave browser – security and privacy browser

If you are looking for a browser for privacy, Brave browser gotta be the best. Does Brave browser have a VPN? Sure does! Not just a VPN, but also a password manager too! As if that weren’t enough, I’ve found some quite relevant features present in this browser with VPN as well. For instance, it has an option to disable ads and potentially unsafe scripts on websites, it can even completely get rid of your browsing data if you need it. I definitely didn’t have to use it, no need to check the browsing history. While it’s a shame you can’t get this browser VPN free of charge, there’s at least a 7-day free trial to try first. It’s not perfect however, as VPN on browser is only available on the iOS version of Brave. Its TOR mode is quite lackluster in general. To end on a good note, developers promise to add VPN to the Windows and Android apps soon, so I’m waiting for it.

Opera VPN – a misleading proxy, that you SHOULDN’T use!

While Brave is not widely known, Opera browser with VPN on the contrary, is widespread and popular. But it shouldn’t be. If you already saw our Worst VPN video, you get what I’m pointing at – this web browser VPN is actually just a faulty proxy service, with way too many third-party permissions. And yet, it’s considered as a good browser with built-in VPN. If you ever wondered “What browser should I use?” and Opera came to mind, it’s fine, it’s not a bad browser by itself. Just keep in mind that if security and privacy are your focus, Opera is not the safest browser around.

Aloha / Epic / UR – false security browsers

While Opera is a big name and its flaws have been mentioned countless times now, some smaller security browsers sometimes escape the attention. Aloha browser, Epic browser and UR browser have advertised themselves as privacy-focused Firefox and Chrome alternatives, but were called out for their blatant lies. Even before criticism from the industry specialists, Reddit users debunked strong claims of these browsers. Check out for yourself, there are a lot of red flags when you know where to look. As those Reddit users noticed, being Chromium-based and closed-source, having ambiguous privacy policy and collecting “Diagnostic data” forcefully is not how you should provide a secure service. It doesn’t even matter which browser is best amongst these three. You could say they are equally untrustworthy.

The Onion Router – the most secure (and the slowest) browser

Now, the actually good example of a best browser VPN is the TOR browser. Except that it’s not quite a VPN in browser, not in the same sense as previous examples. TOR browser’s system involves various users serving as “nodes” for you to connect through.

While TOR makes for an extremely powerful security solution, it critically lacks in network optimization. Even at better times, you will lose tons of speed, making even some trivial internet tasks remind you of Dial-UP times.

A more fringe usage of TOR browser involves accessing the dreaded Dark Web. In actuality, I get that you probably won’t do that. But if you want to – use TOR for it.


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