Betternet VPN HONEST review | Can you trust Betternet FREE & premium??

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Full Betternet VPN review:

Betternet… it has free and paid versions, which is usually a sustainable business model for a VPN. Plus… it makes a lot of big claims. But are they true? This is my honest Betternet VPN review, and I’m gonna investigate both paid and free versions of this service.

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0:00 Intro
0:42 Is Free Betternet VPN reliable and fast enough?
1:35 Does the premium version of Betternet ensure good speeds?
2:10 Is Betternet VPN safe?
2:47 Can you trust the Betternet Chrome extension?
3:16 Does Betternet offer a strict no-logs policy?
4:33 Can you stream Netflix with Betternet VPN?
4:58 Torrenting: does it work with Betternet?
5:19 Is Betternet VPN user friendly?
5:59 Is Betternet VPN worth it?
6:35 Final thoughts

Betternet VPN speed & performance
Is Betternet free VPN fast and reliable enough for everyday use? My speed tests showed that Betternet free’s performance is underwhelming. I experienced a massive drop in speeds, and the ping was too high for comfort. There have even been reports of Betternet not working at all. Some free users failed to connect and got error messages.
Okay, so what about Betternet VPN premium? Fortunately, speeds are better than on the free version, but they’re still far from being as good as service claims. And since the overloaded free servers are in the US, you’ll slow right down if you connect to a US server.

Is Betternet VPN safe?
Both the free and the premium versions use AES 128- and 256-bit encryption, so the website’s military grade encryption claim is actually true. Unfortunately, there is no kill switch in the apps outside of the Windows app. Right now, there’s a leak protection feature which seems to effectively prevent leaks, but leak protection is not solid in the Betternet Chrome extension.

The Betternet free VPN app used to contain ads, and while they were replaced with bandwidth limit, there are still issues with the privacy policy that remain. It states that your approximate location and ISP are shared with these advertisers, even though they should be gone. Third parties are also allowed to install cookies on your device via the free app. Weird, isn’t it?

Guys, I have to say that Betternet VPN contains more drawbacks than advantages. It’s slow, greedy and unsafe. Don’t put your trust in free VPNs like this one… because it’s not actually free, you’re just the product. If you’ve used Betternet, please share your experiences down in the comments, I’d love to hear from you.

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