hi everyone and therefore welcomed my channel in this video we’re going to take a look at the eventual all-in-one invention when it comes to unblocking geo-restricted content this maneuver is a universal solution to questions you may have knowledge with seeing this message exposed on screen this service is unavailable in your region when you’re trying to watch content from apps and assistances such as hulu hbo max and peacock just as an example this design can unblock all of your favorite material without needing a vpn if you’d like to find out more then let’s go and have a look[ Music] first let’s build a picture of the problem this design can sterilize you’ve got a movie or tv show in mind that you’re really looking forward to watching you’ve got some time set by and you’re ready and stimulated to watch you load up the app to watch it on and all of your enthusiasm softens away when you’re are consistent with the theme exposed on screen this service is unavailable in your region it’s really frustrating and until now the only way to get around this problem is to buy a vpn but you’ve probably already have found that on some opportunities not even your vpn will unblock the content some vpns are capable of unblocking some streaming services and to unblock other streaming services you may need to use a different vpn if you wanted to unblock all streaming services and apps you would need several paid vpns so you can switch between them as and when “youre supposed to” and this can become fairly costly so what are the alternatives well courtesy of flow locator i’ve been taking a look at the river locator centre which is not only a dual party gigabit centre but it’s also a great cost effective way to unblock over 60 business that you would usually associate with needing a vpn with the torrent locator centre you simply plug it in to your current router and then connect any machine to the stream locator network to instantaneously brook geo-blocked materials from over 60 plus services no disarray and no composite station was necessary for in a nutshell is what the torrent locator centre can do unblock all of that enormous material and all streaming services from all regions of the world but if the series locator is something that you are considering you do likewise need to be aware of what it can’t do the brook locator hub is not a vpn and it only helps you to unblock geo-restricted content from service and apps it will not help to hide your activity from your isp too the series locator centre does not give you access to paid content free of charge if you want to use the stream locator to unblock services that require a subscription you will still need to purchase a subscription to that work but there are also 23 free streaming services that the flow locator can unblock including the roku channel imdb tv film rise crackle adult swimming zumo and various uk tv services for full details of which paid and which free works the stream locator can unblock you can check out the creek locator website so now we know what the flow locator hub is what it can and what it can’t do let’s now unbox it and have a look so inside the box you have the brook locator centre itself and you have a quick setup guide an ethernet cable and the power supply which for me is a uk plug the series locator hub has four external antennae wi-fi quickens up to 300 megabits per second and wired fasts of up to 450 megabits per second now as you need at least five megabits per second for hd streaming and 25 megabits per second for 4k streaming the brook locator hub is more than adequate for character streaming and using the series locator hub will not slow down your internet acceleration unlike a vpn the brook locator centre will not affect your current network velocity and will prolong the hurry you are already receiving from your isp the hub itself is a nice size and all of the link are on the back you have your one port and a one gigabit four port substitution incorporated into the back there’s one usb 3.0 usb port for adding storage or maybe a printer then the wps and reset button and your capability in located it up is easy following the included step-by-step printed usher or you can head to the stream locator website which will also leader you through the setup and once ended you’re ready to unblock any of the 60 plus streaming services you can unblock and series material from all of the services and apps listed on any machine that you have connected to the stream locator everything from your smart-alecky tv roku firestick via tv apple tv xbox playstation android tv iphone ipad and any web browser in the uk hulu is not available and when i try to access anything on hulu i get this error however when i connect to the stream locator hub i’m now able to access all of the great content that hulu has to offer now this doesn’t work with just hulu though the torrent locator does all of the hard work by automatically determining which work you are trying to access and unblocking it for over 60 different services and apps without you having to do anything at all if you’re not in the uk for example but you want to watch and brook from uk tv apps without the torrent locator you will see an error similar to this however having the river locator centre will make this a thing of the past by allowing access from anywhere in the world you can also use the stream locator to completely unblock netflix and watch content from the uk us canada france germany brazil and south korea so now you’ve seen exactly what the brook locator can do the last thing to cover is expenditure in the us the stream locator hub will cost you 83.88 and in the uk it will cost you 61 pounds 99 with free bringing and for this price you will likewise receive 12 months of services that are after 12 months if you want to continue to use the great services provided by streamlocator you can choose to pay monthly at 6.99 or get the annual plan for 71.40 which works out to roughly 2 month of free busines stream locators send all over the world so be sure to check out their website for the rectify cost for your country overall my experience with the creek locator has been a good one i noted it easy to set up and every service that i tried with it ran really well with no buffering or slowdown if you do decide to check out the stream locator for yourself please do consider going through my affiliate ties in the specific characteristics below as this helps to support me and my channel stop me specific comments down below with your thoughts as always expressed appreciation for for watching and if you experienced this video don’t forget to give it a like and subscribe to my direct made to ensure that you turn on notifications so you don’t miss out on any of my latest secretes[ Music][ Music] you

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