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Today we will talk about Best VPN We will see the best VPN in India, I have researched VPN Hi Guys, My name is Kripesh Adwani I “re just trying” VPNs in 2 month, i have videos for it So according to the principle of that know, I will tell you the best VPN of every category like fund, overall and android So let’s start with free VPN, I have made a video on it, you will get it on “I Button” But if you have to use VPNs, there are 2 VPNs that you can trust The first VPN is Proton VPN You will get sluggish velocity, but its privacy policy is good So you should check it out emphatically Second is Windscribe You come data supplied by 10 GB per month It is rapid and it has good privacy I won’t go into detail otherwise it would be a long video So we will talk about Paid VPNs So there are 10 most popular VPNs, I will equate its pros and cons I will tell its basic the proposals and I will provide infographics for all the basic details I will tell you the key points verbally You will get their relations in the description as well as the basic coupon codes would be provided I am trying to arrange coupon codes There would be affiliate relations below, which would help me in coming human rights committee, if you buy from those tie-ups Without generating any additional cost, it are helpful in me in getting approval and I would be realise detailed videos like this I will bring you the best coupon codes, so if you liked this video, HIT LIKE Button and you can use my links to purchase them So let’s start with the Namecheap, which is a popular domain company Recently they have entered in hosting, They have recently entered into security segment So they have launched a lily-white label VPN, which wants the VPN is acquired by the third party and they have made their list on it So the main things are the price, which is very cheap In world markets, it’s one of the cheapest VPN out there, and its cost is 900 per year The major benefit is streaming Netflix USA They have good servers, by stackpath, which are the same servers as Ipvanish, where I will come to it later But this is the only good thing in it It has an okayish interface, its app is buggy, Speed is slow in India and prerogative is in the USA Its no-logging policy but they still make bandwidth and contact data They have not furnished a separate privacy policy, but the government has accommodated a general privacy program which is for domain hosting and other makes So will I recommend it? If you have to stream something from the USA, so you can take Namecheap You can also try this one month for free, without participate your credit card details Apart from streaming, I won’t recommend it Next is Pure VPN, it has good rapidity, with good toll, they patronize streaming and they don’t impede any records But they have an aged boundary, you can see different modes, which I don’t like it Torrent support is not in India If you will go into the history, there was an FBI Investigation in 2017, where they provided data, while it was following no-log policy Means they remained some data, so they attested themselves as no log in 2018, They did some changes to the privacy policy An independent security house Altius IT did their inspection It was good, but there are certain things that you must know It has its HQs in Hong kong residents symbolizes China can intercede anytime So I don’t want my VPN to be on Hong kong residents As per some research and reports, their owners are from Pakistan’s Gaditek Company According to some reports, the gaditek fellowship extends some VPN Websites They have mentioned Pure VPN as number one You will find the link in the description regarding the scam, its mentioned in the clause I have described it with proof, so personally, I won’t recommend this VPN VPN is good and the toll is ok, but it is Hong Kong-based, I has not been able to like their practices, so I am not going to recommend this VPN Next VPN on my directory is the cyber soul Now Cyberghost is the best VPN in India I have always detected this VPN in top 3 VPNs When I use this, I perceived it that why it is been maintained in the top 3? It has slow rush in India, it doesn’t support torrenting in India, the split passage is only available in android If I see its privacy programme, its Romania located, which is a good thing, as it doesn’t come in 14 attentions But in 2017, it was sold to Crossrider, which is a digital advertising firm They were notorious for meeting malware They renamed their corporation to Kape Technologies They are again trying to rename it by the name Private Internet So at present CyberGhost VPN is owned by Kape engineerings, which owns private internet access and ZenMate If I talk about its owner, which is an ex-con, he has been in the penitentiary In 1990 s insider trading case, he was in jail Their main earnings are through a gambling application occurrence If you will look at their logging programs, they maintain no records, which is a good thing, They anonymously store IP address They store information from the country you have accessed their data and likewise many unnecessary data are stored by them Which a give VPN company shouldn’t stop So in my recommendation, I am not going to recommend Cyberghost It has an average performance in India The company which owns this VPN is not an impressive one Next VPN is Private VPN and as the reputation intimates, this VPN is good for privacy They have not kept any records, and in the past, they have been asked and there are some court cases, where they have clearly revoked of impeding any data So it has good privacy but it has sluggish acceleration, the interface in mac is not good It has its jurisdiction in Sweden, which comes under 14 looks, which is a drawback It does streaming but there is no speed so you won’t enjoy watching it I have a neutral opinion for this VPN and you can take this VPN and test it but there is nothing special about it Next is private Internet access, which is a very popular VPN The main point is that they have good servers and good accelerate, there are more than 3k servers and It supports P2P and Torrent support, You can stream Netflix, its app is user friendly But its interface in desktop or Mac is not good Its no-log policy is good, they don’t impede any logs, They have a proven track record, there is indeed 2 court cases against them In both the 2 cases they mentioned of not preserving any enters, and there was no data derived from them, so it is a very good thing about this VPN If I talk about its problems, they specify exclusively email support, there is no option of chat backing Hotstar streaming is unavailable, their locating is in the USA Everything was going fine with them til now, but in the last year they were acquired by Kape Engineering Kape Technology is the same company that acquired Cyberghost And it is the same company that realized favourite malware and it is the same company which is changing its word for the 3rd epoch, PIA cost for 14 months is 3009, which is a good cost and they have performed is a good one with good results They have a good track record, but their recent buy makes a question mark on this VPN So I will leave this on you I will not give my recommendations if you trust the company, you can take it If you don’t trust the company, you can skip it, It’s your request , not mine Next VPN is Ipvanish VPN, It is an another popular VPN The most special thing about this VPN is the raced is very good, its interface is good for all manoeuvres Its payment is around $ 99 for 3 years which is a good price You also to have seen the top tier structure They have their own servers which are maintained by them It has 2 senses, first, you get the good speed or stability And second, data security would be more, because there is no 3rd party that ensure servers If you know that recently, last year Nord VPN was spoofed Nord VPN Finland Server got spoofed, It happened because the data centers did some mistake, they left some keys through which it was spoofed Here Ipvanish regulates all servers, so there are more chances of increased data protection If I talk about its cons, the data streaming uses, sometimes it doesn’t work properly Due to which Netflix works on and off here It is not streaming stable, Hotstar doesn’t work Its location is in the USA so it has to comply with the rules of the govt.If I talk about the data logging scandal in 2016, Homeland Security queried some sort of data by Ipvanish and that data was given by them They said they hinder no logs, but still, they impart that data After that in 2017, it was acquired by Stackpath, and according to them they don’t preserve any enters They said whatever happened previously, was not their fault, so at present, they don’t retain any enters So will I recommend Ipvanish? They have good performance and good software They have a good rushed and stability But due to its history and sovereignty, I am not recommending Ipvanish for sensitive data and streaming But it will be a decent choice if you need speed and stability Next is Surfshark, it is a budget-friendly VPN I liked this VPN so much that I have done a dedicated evaluation on it, you can watch this on “I Button” In my experience, I have watched the good speed in Surfshark In India, it has 3 orientations with 60 servers which are good In India, there is no such VPN who has 3 locations, which are located in Indore, Chennai, and Mumbai The special thing about it is, they are giving unlimited alliances Which wants I can be utilized it for my house, I can give it to all of my family members At the same time, I can use it in my unlimited inventions, which constructs this VPN stand out from all other VPNs They don’t save any logs, they are located in the British Virgin Islands makes it doesn’t come in the jurisdiction of the USA or 14 seeings countries Streaming is available, Netflix or Hotstar If I talk about its price, you can purchase from the links given in the description, For 25 months, you will get this for 3610 which is very cheap compared to other VPNs For pays, you can use Google Pay or Amazon Pay I also liked its interface in other machines If I talk about its cons, its app is not available in Indian play store You will get it in AppStore but if you have to use in android you will have to download its APK file The separate passageway is not available in Mac and it is a relatively new company as it came in 2018 So there is no history against it, everything is clean So will I recommend surfshark? I have found it to be the underrated VPN If you are searching for an overall budget VPN which can perform multiple tasks According to me, Surfshark would be a good VPN Next is Nord VPN, you would have heard about this VPN Many influencers have promoted this VPN, it has undergone a good commerce Harmonizing to my experience, it has a good rushed in Android and IOS But when I abused it in Mac, I have got less speeding So rapidity wise it is good, but for some reason, I have not got good velocity in Mac Nord VPN was privately examined by PricewaterhouseCoopers They were given full access on servers, They physically met all servers and they only licensed of not obstructing any enters They have servers of 5000 plus 30 servers are in India and it has a good app boundary They have their respective jurisdictions in Panama which is good and doesn’t come in 14 sees They too consented remittances from Google Pay If I talk about its cons, in streaming everything studies except Hotstar The split tunnel is available in Android but not in Mac Their best contrives come for three years which expenditures $125 You will have to commit three years if they have to take Nord VPN I am not having its vouchers right now but I am trying to arrange it As soon as I get the coupon, I will provide its system in the description There is one important thing related to Nord VPN that it was hacked last year They had their servers in Finland which was accommodation for security issues Now hacks happen to almost all hosting companies and VPN companies But the thing which I didn’t like is Nord VPN was not upfront about it It made a great deal of time to tell this to the public So will I recommend Nord VPN? It is a good VPN It has given a good execution, and in Android, it has performed really well in the android But due to its recent hack, can we trust this VPN, it would be your personal decision I would personally use this in Android But since it is not giving a good velocity in my Mac, I am not going to use this VPN Next is Express VPN, it is an old-time and a popular VPN and likewise the top-rated VPN If I talk about its pros, it is good for streaming, it corroborates torrenting It has easy to use interface, I have encountered stable accelerations They have a clean-living biography and it works in China They have also imparted a third-party audit, in July 2019 by PricewaterhouseCoopers It likewise handled examine for Nord VPNs It’s very rare that VPNs conduct a third-party audit, Nord VPN and Express VPN are one of them They are the third party attested VPNS, that they don’t maintain any logs Express VPN stands out with its Trusted Server Technology Basically, in easy messages, they send their data through RAM and it is a dynamic remember When you restart your method, all the enters in the RAM get removed automatically RAM is dynamic remembrance , nothing bides there So this procreates Express VPN stands out And Express VPN is the first one to do this One or 2 business have done it, but many VPN companionships have not implemented it more One more neighbourhood where Express VPN stands out is they have open-sourced their browser propagation And there has been a full security investigation by Cure5 3 So Express VPN is extremely good but there have been some cons, that you would see in India, first is The first con is their app is not available in the play storage Like surf shark, Express VPN app is not available in play store, you would have to download its APK File Speed in India is good but not the fastest, ipvanish or surfshark had good rush Express VPN is at the expensive line-up, even when you apply the ticket codes which you can find in the description After it you will find out its 15 -month plan for $ 100, which is also expensive So will I recommend ExpressVPNabsolutely, it is one of the best in privacy, velocity and overall its good The only thing is, its a bit expensive But is it perfect? In India, it needs a bit of better So lets part this up: Best VPN in India It is a difficult choice: Express VPN, Nord VPN, Surfshark, all 3 of them are good and have some kind of detriments But if I have to pick any 1 of them, it would be Express VPN It would be due to its speeding, stability, privacy programme, and clean biography Best VPN in Budget: Surfshark, all the way good option in Budget Best VPN in Tor, if you want to use them for tor browser, you can select any of them: Express VPN or Nord VPN Best VPN for Android: Nord VPN all the way good for its speed, availability in play store and a good boundary Best VPN for Iphone- Surfshark or Nord VPN Best VPN for streaming, go with express VPN if you want to watch the demonstrates of the USA, entered into with the Namecheap, it’s inexpensive in 900 for a year Best VPN for traveling: Express VPN, it unblocks China VPN, so its the most wonderful Best VPN for Speed and Stability, in India: IPvanish Best VPN for gaming, I haven’t tested any VPN more, so if you are interested and you want to know, do share it in specific comments, So which VPN, I am personally abusing? I am personally going to use surfshark, it is a budget-friendly VPN, it has good race and its server is in Indore city In India it has 60 servers, I liked the surfshark VPN so I am personally going to use it But if I roam internationally, then I will use Express VPN It is expensive but it is definitely worth it So the issue is the register of the best VPNs in India If you liked this video, HIT LIKE Button To subscribe me, you can purchase from the links mentioned below So that’s all for this one and goodbye

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