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Many of you may already know that in the UK, law enforcement is allowed to view and even use the data of any citizen at any time. In fact, the UK is a member of the largest signals intelligence alliance out there, known colloquially as the Fourteen Eyes Alliance. However… if you use a VPN in the UK… your online activity is almost totally hidden.

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00:00 Intro
00:23 UK law enforcement for personal data
00:40 Using VPN in the UK
1:00 Best VPN for UK features
1:30 NordVPN for UK, privacy and performance
1:58 NordVPN streaming and torrenting
2:25 Surfshark for UK users
2:40 Surfshark privacy features
2:58 VyprVPN for UK
3:21 PrivateVPN for UK
3:55 Windscribe for UK
4:40 ExpressVPN for UK
5:09 Bottom line: The Best VPN for UK

NordVPN is arguably the all-round best VPN for UK. It’s located in Panama, where privacy is a high priority. Panama is not a part of any major privacy alliance. NordVPN is also kitted out with some kick-ass features for protecting your anonymity. There are two types of kill switches, plus Double VPN for an added layer of protection. Their no-logs policy has been independently audited by world-renowned accounting firm PwC, so we know that’s reliable. NordVPN has a special feature for streaming, called SmartPlay, that makes bypassing those geo-blocks super convenient, plus it unblocks a whole string of streaming libraries.

Surfshark is another top contender for best VPN in the UK. It’s based in the privacy-friendly British Virgin Islands which is also not part of any intelligence alliance, And it has an extremely strict no-logs policy, though this hasn’t been independently audited yet. For privacy features, there’s a kill switch, water-tight leak protection and a bunch of unusual extras. Most of the world’s streaming libraries become available with Surfshark. Torrenting is supported and convenient with fast speeds and uncrackable security.

This is a great VPN that’s based in Switzerland – another country that’s not part of any intelligence alliances and respects privacy. There’s a kill switch, reliable leak protection, and a no-logs policy that has been independently verified. You can unblock most streaming libraries, and speeds are impressively fast. Torrenting is also supported, And it’s really budget-friendly.

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