Best VPN for Streaming | TOP 5 fastest VPNs in 2020

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Let’s get real: unblocking streaming platforms is one of the most important reasons to install a VPN. That’s why I’ve put this review together for you. I’m gonna share which are the five best VPNs for streaming, all of these unblock multiple streaming platforms and perform so well, you’ll be able to binge-watch those shows in Ultra-HD.

Best VPNs for streaming 👇👇👇
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0:00 Intro
0:25 Why do you need VPN for streaming?
0:44 What features should VPN have for streaming?
1:11 NordVPN for streaming
1:18 NordVPN speed test
1:47 Surfshark for streaming
2:15 PrivateVPN for streaming
2:29 PrivateVPN speed test
2:55 VyprVPN for streaming
3:20 Private Internet Access for streaming
4:00 Bottom line: what is the best VPN for streaming?

NordVPN is probably my favourite VPN for streaming.
It’s smart at getting around those geo-blocks and VPN bans, it stays on top of the trends when it comes to these issues. It can unblock so many streaming platforms. Speeds are great, it’s possibly the fastest VPN for streaming currently. There are lots of servers and locations to pick from, which boosts performance, and also means that there is a wide range of unique streaming libraries available when you use NordVPN. You can run it on up to 6 devices at once. The price is reasonable, this is not the cheapest VPN on the market but it’s far from the most expensive and it’s worth every penny.

**Surfshark **
Close on the heels of NordVPN is Surfshark, it’s another phenomenal VPN for streaming movies. It’s deeply reliable in bypassing geo-blocks and VPN bans, so you can access a whole string of streaming platforms. It’s really fast, you can stream in Ultra-HD, and there are lots of servers and lots of locations to pick from. Plus, you can get unlimited connections with this baby. It’s also one of the least expensive VPNs on the market, it’s truly a stunning price for this quality.

This streaming VPN is top notch, another great option for unblocking those awesome, geo-restricted shows. It consistently gets around VPN bans and geo-blocks, and it can unblock multiple streaming platforms. It’s also really fast, guys. You can stream in Ultra-HD. The number of locations available still compares very well with the other VPNs here, though. You can connect with six devices at once. Pricing is really affordable, it’s one of the least expensive VPNs on this list.

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