Best VPN for Netflix 2020 🔥 ExpressVPN vs CyberGhost VPN vs Surfshark – Top 3 VPN Comparison

Find out who’s the best vpn for netflix in 2020 which streams the fastest for unblocking Netflix.

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Transcript below on Find out who’s the best vpn for netflix in 2020 which streams the fastest for unblocking Netflix.

What is happening guys, it’s Adam here from cyberduck. Now VPN can be a great tool for all sorts of reasons online, but especially when it comes to watching Netflix shows or movies that aren’t usually available in your home country. Now a lot of VPNs out there claim to be able to unblock Netflix, but some do it better than others and some can’t do it at all.

So today we’re going to take a look at the top three for getting the job done. Okay, so the top three VPNs, which are definitely at the top of their game when it comes to unblocking Netflix is ExpressVPN. And then we have surf shark, and on the right we have cyberghost. Now all three of these VPN are capable of unblocking Netflix.

But when it comes to deciding which one is for you, we need to take a closer look at their strengths and weaknesses. But before we get into that, I’m just going to show you quickly that all three of these can actually do the job. So if I log into Netflix, you can see that the US version of the office is showing up as a title that I can play when usually it wouldn’t for myself. current location, which is the UK. And as you can see, it’s working without an issue with all three VPNs.

Now if you want to know more in general about the cybersecurity side of these VPNs, I’ve actually done full in depth reviews on each one. So you can check out a link in the description to those videos. And as well as that if they’re running any promotional deals at the moment, I’ll make sure I put a link to that so you don’t miss out.

Now back to the Netflix capabilities of these VPN, let’s take a look at how many different locations around the world that they can actually connect to. So let’s start with ExpressVPN. There are 94 different countries that you can use to connect to Netflix, there’s 160 locations in total. And that’s because some of the countries actually have multiple server locations within the country itself. For example, if you look here at America, each one of these dots represents a different server location. There’s actually more than 3000 servers all together and that’s because in each location there is multiple servers you can choose from to make sure you can always find one with a good connection speed. So how does that compare to surf shark or surf shark? has over 1700 servers spread out across 63 countries. And if you take a look at the app itself, you can see that some of the countries have multiple locations within them as well.

So moving on to cyberghost, we can see that it has 90 countries available, which is comparable to that of ExpressVPN. And this is spread over 111 locations, and it has an incredible amount of servers standing at 6369. Now another important factor when it comes to streaming any content online is the VPN connection speed. Now with every VPN in the world, you’re going to have a reduction in speed compared to that of your speed when you’re not using a VPN. That’s only to be expected. So what we’re going to look at here is the difference in speed reduction between each of these products. Now with ExpressVPN.

If you’re connecting to a local server, which is one near to your country location, you can expect the reduction of around 15%. If you’re connecting to a server that’s a lot further away, for example, halfway around the world, you can expect the reduction to be closer to 35% This may seem like a large amount, but with today’s internet speeds being so fast, you’re really not going to notice a difference when using something like Netflix, you’re not going to get any lagging, and you’re not going to have any buffering when trying to watch a movie.

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