Best VPN for Linux in 2021 | Got you covered with TOP 5!

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Unfortunately, there aren’t many VPNs with reliable and comfortable apps for Linux. Most VPN providers seem to put way more effort into their Mac and Windows apps. BUT I can think of at least 5 VPNs for Linux that are definitely worth looking into. Watch the video!

00:00 Intro
1:56 Where NordVPN is based?
2:04 Is NordVPN the fastest VPN for Linux?
2:40 Can you use ProtonVPN on Linux for free?
2:56 Where ProtonVPN is based?
3:35 Which Surfshark protocols are open for Linux?
4:10 Which distros Surfshark supports on Linux?
4:29 Does PIA VPN have a GUI for Linux?
4:40 Where PIA is based?
5:43 Where IPVanish is based?
5:52 Is it safe to use IPVanish VPN on Linux?
6:20 Which VPN is the best for Linux according to Reddit users?
6:50 Does IPVanish have a dedicated app for Linux?

So, NordVPN and Proton VPN support the most distros. For the simplest app, pick PIA as it’s the only service with a graphical user interface. NordVPN and Surfshark have good speeds and are great for streaming, while ProtonVPN has a viable free version.

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