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Find out what is the best VPN for Linux in 2022, which one have the best GUI for Linux!
Check out our streaming tests, speed test……
As any Linux user knows, Linux is for very serious work… and also memes and silly apps like cowsay. Linux is also for people who care deeply about their privacy and security. Therefore, you need a VPN that supports Linux, can do very serious work, and help to protect your privacy/keep your machine secure.

In this video, we go over three different VPNs that have solid feature sets, decent prices, and fully supported Linux clients… though support depends on which Linux distribution you choose. They also all have great reputations for security, all use open source protocols, and one has a fully open source client. Watch the video to see which VPN that is.

For the full rundown of each VPN in the video (including speed tests, services on licked, full lists of features, and more) see the full reviews linked below.

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You can find a lot more information on all of these VPNs in the full reviews linked below, complete with all the tests we ran.
ExpressVPN Full Review:
CyberGhost VPN Full Review:
PIA VPN Full Review:

00:00 Best VPN for Linux Intro
00:57 ExpressVPN For Linux
01:08 How to use ExpressVPN on Linux
02:49 ExpressVPN Speed Test
03:34 ExpressVPN Unblock Streaming Test
04:20 ExpressVPN Protocols
04:37 ExpressVPN DNS service
05:18 CyberGhost VPN Linux
05:49 CyberGhost VPN Speed Test
06:24 CyberGhost VPN Unblock Streaming Test
06:59 How to Install CyberGhost VPN on Fedora 36
08:25 CyberGhost VPN Servers
08:40 CyberGhost VPN NoSpy Servers
09:34 PIA VPN – Open Source VPN For Linux
10:02 Private Internet Access VPN Speed Test
11:00 PIA VPN Unblock Streaming Test
12:33 PIA VPN Encryption
13:21 Conclusion: Which one is the best VPN for Linux in 2022

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