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Your gaming performance can get much worse because of ISP throttling, DDoS attacks and overcrowding. Today I will show you how to avoid these issues and potentially improve your gaming experience with a VPN and give you examples of the best VPN for gaming.

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In order to be effective, the best VPN for online gaming needs to provide good server coverage and performance, keep your ping low, and be affordable. These will be the points I’ll focus on, starting with….

0:38 Is NordVPN good for gaming?
2:13 Surfshark for gaming – is it a good idea?
3:30 Gaming with AtlasVPN – Yes or No?
4:42 PrivateVPN – backup gaming VPN
4:54 Conclusion

=== “Is NordVPN good for gaming?” ===

It has more than enough servers and countries so that you won’t have to worry because of overcrowded servers.

I found NordVPN’s performance satisfactory for gaming, NordLynx provides good speeds and low ping: after connecting to the server in my primary location, the speed and ping got only a bit worse. This is the performance of the fastest VPN for gaming.

The worst speed I had was in Japan with about 260 Mbps. In the US and Netherlands I’ve had an even better speed. As for the ping, with this best VPN for gaming, ping never raised above 120, so I won’t recommend using such long-distance servers.

However, by using NordVPN’s servers, you could reduce or even avoid slowdown of your ISP and overcrowded servers are unlikely to bother you, I’ve had some real good VPN Warzone experience to back this up.

Also, since NordVPN hides your IP address, DDoS attacks can’t locate your network, so VPNs essentially prevent these attacks. And a good gaming VPN will even allow you to stay anonymous online if you’d like.

One NordVPN account is enough for 6 devices, if you’d want to share with friends and it doesn’t cost that much.

NordVPN’s pricing is average amongst top providers and it also has a 7-day free trial, though you do have to activate it from an Android device first.

=== Surfshark for Gaming – is it a good idea? ===

Another one of the best VPN for gaming is Surfshark.

Surfshark has an impressive server fleet, over 3000 servers in 65 countries in total. It’s performance is good, I’ve had no issues with keeping my speed real close to the baseline, especially when using nearby servers.

While using Surfshark for gaming, the worst ping I’ve experienced was 108, and the lowest speed was around 265 Mbps, and only on the very distant servers too. Considering my baseline speed, I barely felt the difference, you can check my VPN Lost ark experience as an example.

Surfshark gaming VPN has good security – it encrypts your connection, prevents leaks during connection breaks and even takes care of the ads and malicious links for you.

But the main value comes from device limit, or rather lack thereof. One account is enough for any number of devices, so it’s amongst the best VPN for online gaming, whether you have a small group of friends or a whole clan.

All things considered, Surfshark is one of the best VPN for gaming in terms of value you get for the price, and it has a 7-day free trial too, as long as you sign up from an Android, iOS or MacOS device.

=== Gaming with AtlasVPN – Yes or No? ===

Amongst the best gaming VPNs, AtlasVPN is the only free option, though the 10 GB data cap could be quite annoying for gamers.

With AtlasVPN, I’ve got quite a bit less servers and locations than with previous VPNs, but fortunately it still has servers in most hot gaming locations.

The performance of AtlasVPN is quite decent for the gaming VPN – the integrated WireGuard protocol ensured quite a good speed for as much as I’ve tried it, even in more distant locations.

With this best VPN for gaming, ping I’ve experienced never exceeded 117. And my lowest speed was 221 Mbps. This is decent performance, though ping might be too close for comfort if you play fast-paced FPS games.

In terms of security, I found AtlasVPN to be quite satisfactory, it provides baseline security needed for gamers in the form of encryption and leak protection.

It also has no restrictions on the number of devices that can be connected to a single account simultaneously.
As far as VPNs go, AtlasVPN is affordable, there’s good value for the price, and even a free version, though it’s not as effective for gaming as the paid one.

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