Best VPN for Firestick 2022 | Top 3 providers for streaming!
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Amazon firestick is a one-stop-shop for all your entertainment needs but not so much when you come across geo-blocked content or ISPs sniffing on your personal info. So, what should you do when you need full access to all Netflix libraries on your Firestick or don’t want your activity logs to be monitored? The answer is VPNs for Firestick.

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Not only our PCs and phones need a VPN, Amazon Firestick needs it too. Firestick VPNs change your location, enabling you to access geo-blocked content from all popular streaming services. For example, with VPNs for Firestick, you’d be able to access BBC iPlayer in the USA by simply choosing a UK server. Similarly, what if you want to watch “Normal People” (Aaagain, yes, again!) on Hulu while enjoying your vacations in Europe? – The simple solution is selecting a US server on your firestick VPN. 2022 looks like a tough year for the race for best VPN for Firestick. Considering all the competition, I believe a Firestick VPN should at least have these basic functionalities:

➧ Diverse device compatibility;
➧ Reliable kill switch;
➧ IP and DNS leak prevention;
➧ Extensive server network;
➧ Fast connectivity with modern tunneling protocols;
➧ Affordable VPN price;
➧ 24/7 customer service;
➧ Some might even have Smart DNS features that will help stream content from various smart TVs.

0:00 Intro
0:30 Why should you use a VPN on a Firestick?
2:00 What features should a Firestick VPN have?
2:31 NordVPN: One of the best VPN options for the Firestick?
3:58 Surfshark: Does it work for Firestick streaming?
5:17 PrivateVPN: Is it a good option for the Firestick?
5:53 Should you be using a free VPN for the Firestick?
6:27 Conclusion: What is the best VPN for the Firestick in 2022?

My top 3 picks for the best firestick VPN 2022 have all the features above and more. Let’s get to know them in a little detail.


It’s easy to get NordVPN on firestick as it has a dedicated Fire TV app. You can simply download the NordVPN official app from the Amazon app store and start using it right away.
As one of the top VPN providers, NordVPN has 5200+ servers in 60 countries – and all these servers are RAM-only.
When it comes to performance, NordVPN utilizes NordLynx, a new-gen protocol,that makes a VPN connection faster while keeping your online activities and personal data safe.
And more!


Surfshark is next on my list for the best VPN for Firestick. UK Netflix library has different shows than the Indian library. What’s the solution if you want to access content from both libraries – say hello to Surfshark. Here are a few highlights of this VPN.

You can enjoy unlimited connections through a single subscription of Surfshark.
In comparison with NordVPN, Surfshark has a smaller fleet of 3200+ servers in 65+ countries. Despite the smaller fleet, Surfshark is equipped with RAM-only servers.
With WireGuard protocol, Surfshark offers high speed, best security standards, and ease of use
Surfshark will give you unrestricted access to Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, Hulu.


Last but not least, PrivateVPN sits pretty in my list of best VPNs for Firestick because:
It has 200+ optimized servers in over 60 countries;
It offers fast speeds with OpenVPN and IKEv2 tunneling protocols​​;
Users can easily access all libraries of HBO Max, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, and more;
PrivateVPN is available on Android TV, Roku, Kodi.

Now, that brings me to an always heated debate – should we or should we not use a free firestick VPN? Free VPNS, no matter which device you use them on, aren’t really recommended – here’s why:

➧ Almost all free VPNs have abysmal connectivity;
➧ They have less access to streaming libraries;
➧ Not compatible across all your devices;
➧ They usually limit browsing data;
➧ Most free VPNs offer poor to no customer support at all;
➧ There is always a chance of data logging and selling.

Affiliate link disclaimer: If you click the links in the description and get a VPN, we may receive a commission. With that said, we don’t let brands dictate our opinions – if we said it, that means it’s what we truly believe. Buying through our links will not cost you anything extra and as a matter of fact, may cost less due to discounts.

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