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5 eyes, 9 eyes, 14 eyes, how many more do we need? I mean, Europe is pretty pro-privacy, but all those intelligence sharing alliances are not fun to hang around. So today, I will investigate some of the VPN for Europe, while trying to figure out if it’s even a good idea to have one?
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=== NordVPN: ===

Since securing privacy is paramount, I’ll start with the best European VPN for that aspect – NordVPN. I’m being serious here, NordVPN excels at securing your connection, with its modern encryption and a reliable kill switch.

Since NordVPN belongs to the Panama jurisdiction, it’s not subjected to any data retention laws. It also has a trustworthy no-logs policy and employs a special type of servers that can’t retain user data long-term. But I consider NordVPN to have the best security because of the features its Europe VPN app has.

Such as CyberSec, which is responsible for taking out garbage such as ads and malicious links. Dark Web Monitor is also a feature I like, since I can rely on it notifying me if my data gets leaked somehow. To close it up, let me answer: is NordVPN worth it? After looking at some other top options, I can say that NordVPN has a very affordable pricing when you are going long-term. It also has decent value for the price, with all the extra features and 6 devices per account support. Of course, it’s possible to try this VPN for Europe for free as well, with a 7-day trial on Android or a 30-day money back guarantee on all devices.

=== Surfshark ===

Now, if you rather pick an option hosted within Europe, but with an equally broad range of capabilities, Surfshark fits the bill perfectly.
Operating under Netherland’s jurisdiction, Surfshark is not subjected to any data retention laws and boasts a trustworthy no-logs policy. Despite the fact that the Netherlands is one of the 14-eyes countries.

Additionally, Surfshark implemented RAM-only servers themselves, aiming to nullify the chances of recording any user data. Besides privacy protection, Surfshark has plenty of security features, from standard encryption and kill switch, to more advanced stuff.

Just recently, Surfshark released their own suite of cybersecurity addons, dubbed Surfshark One. This suite even includes a functional Antivirus, which is honestly a good reason enough to aim for the best Europe VPN spot. Considering that it offers a 7-day trial for Android, iOS and MacOS and a 30-day money back guarantee as well, it’s hard to get a better value for the price than Surfshark.

=== PrivateVPN ===

But to be fair, it’s possible to get a lower price, if you are ok with less features and speed as well. PrivateVPN is a rather modest European VPN option. It doesn’t have fancy tunneling protocols and relies on the older, but effective AES-256 encryption, while still offering a robust kill switch.

Honestly, there aren’t many additional features to speak of, but PrivateVPN does offer Application guard and Stealth VPN, both being quite important features in my opinion. However, its privacy protection is a bit worse, seeing how it is based in Sweden and is subjected to this country’s data retention laws. On the other hand, PrivateVPN has a no-logs policy in place and so far I have not found any cases when this European VPN would have gathered user data.

=== AtlasVPN ===

Admittedly, there’s a free VPN in Europe you could potentially consider as well. AtlasVPN is “freemium”, meaning it has a free version and a premium one, with the former being quite solid. Unlike PrivateVPN, AtlasVPN has a modern tunneling protocol and thus offers both a newer encryption algorithm and faster speeds. While this is true for both versions, the free version doesn’t have a lot of servers or any advanced features.

00:32 NordVPN – best European VPN?
03:06 Can Surfshark be a useful VPN for Europe?
03:59 PrivateVPN – the basic VPN you might need
05:25 AtlasVPN – best free European VPN
06:48 Should you use “free” VPNs?
07:15 5 eyes, 9 eyes, 14 eyes alliances explained
07:40 Conclusion

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