Best VPN extension for Chrome in 2021 💥 Secure your browser with TOP 5

💥👇Best VPN extensions for Chrome 👇💥
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Chrome is not the safest browser… You probably don’t want it to collect and share your info with others? Guys, a good VPN can help you stop that. In this video, I will show you 5 great VPN extensions for Chrome that don’t require downloading or setting up a dedicated app. Installation in one click, safety for days!

👇My TOP VPN choices for safe browsing & streaming | Discounts👇
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00:00 Intro
00:28 Can a VPN leak my information?
1:07 VPN browser extension vs VPN app: What are the differences?
1:36 How to choose a VPN for Chrome?
1:45 Does VPN slow down your internet?
2:30 Best VPN extensions for Chrome
2:45 Surfshark VPN Chrome extension reviewed
3:22 What is the best and fastest VPN extension for Chrome?
3:33 Where NordVPN is based?
4:06 PureVPN Chrome extension
4:43 Is Windscribe VPN Chrome extension good?
5:10 Is PIA a good VPN for Chrome?

Main features that are necessary for the Chrome VPN extension are speed and security. NordVPN, Surfshark and other top VPNs like PIA or Windscribe provide military-grade encryption for security, topped by many useful features. They even offer high-performance tunneling protocols like WireGuard, maintaining a stable, safe and fast connection to the internet.

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