Best PUBG VPN 2021 | TOP 3 VPNs with best ping & servers

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Reasons to access PUBG from a different location:
Entire game is inaccessible in your country
You want to get skins that aren’t available to you
You can’t download PUBG Lite in your location
You want to take part in events that are happening elsewhere

A VPN can help you out by changing your location virtually. It’s tough to find a service that really works for PUBG, so I’m only gonna list PUBG VPNs that excel at all the tasks involved with gaming. You’ll need a VPN with large server networks, top speeds with the latest tunnelling protocols, DNS & IP leak protection, apps for all major platforms, decent number of simultaneous connections, ability to bypass firewalls and geoblocks, and reasonable pricing.

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00:49 What feautures should a VPN have for gaming?
1:32 Which VPN is the fastest for PUBG?
2:15 In which platforms can you use NordVPN for PUBG?
3:03 How can a Surfshark’s Camouflage mode help while playing PUBG?
3:45 How many servers does VyprVPN have for PUBG?
4:31 How to play PUBG with a VPN?
5:41 Which free VPN is the best for PUBG?
6:09 Does VPN ban PUBG accounts?

Advanced VPNs like Surfshark, NordVPN, or Vyprvpn not only prevent you from getting high ping, but also completely conceal your connection and disallow anyone from tracking your details. While PUBG prohibits third-party software, a VPN with obfuscation won’t get detected.

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