Best Netflix Christmas movies 2020 | How to watch any movie you want on Netflix?

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Traditionally, Netflix has been adding some great Christmas-themed movies out right around that time, and even 2020 can’t put a stop to that!
But not every Christmas movie on Netflix may be available to you, because of regional restrictions. So perhaps it’s time to get yourself a VPN for a Christmas present and thoroughly enjoy the Christmas movies with your family?

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00:00 Intro
00:50 What Christmas movies you can find on Netflix?
02:39 Why you can’t watch all christmas movies on Netflix?
03:17 What is a VPN?
03:45 Is NordVPN is good for Neflix?
04:30 Is Surfshark VPN is good for Neflix?
05:10 Is PrivateVPN is good for Neflix?

We are coming back to the old problem – Netflix has regional restrictions, so depending on your country you might not be getting those movies, including the old classics.

This has a lot to do with licensing rights. There’s a good chance that a movie made in the US stays on US Netflix and that can even affect some of the old movies. Same for the UK, Netherlands or any other Netflix region.

**NordVPN for Netflix**
NordVPN is a leading provider for a reason. It’s awesome for streaming: it has more than 5500 servers in 59 countries, effectively providing enough coverage for any Netflix library. And thanks to their new protocol NordLynx, NordVPN is faster than any other VPN on the market – check AV-test if you want proof.

With such great results, NordVPN makes your Netflix streams fast and clean, even at 4K Ultra HD! You might think that such quality comes with a big price, and you are kind of right: the monthly price for NordVPN is around $10 a month, but if you get a 2-year plan, that price drops to almost $3!

**Surfshark VPN for Netflix**
The fastest growing name on the market, Surfshark is known for good security and privacy, but what’s more important – it’s very fast and reliable. They just integrated a WireGuard protocol for increased speed and 1700+ servers are more than enough to get any Netflix Library working.
Not as fast as NordVPN, they are still able to make your Netflix streams easy to watch.
But why are they good for big groups of friends you ask? It’s because one license is enough for an unlimited number of devices!

**PrivateVPN for Netflix**
PrivateVPN has only 170+ servers, but they are conveniently located in the locations most important to get access to Netflix libraries. The speeds provided by PrivateVPN are more than enough to enjoy HD streaming, and the worst you can get is occasional buffering, and only if your location is very far from the server.
PrivateVPN is a great service to choose if you are only starting out with VPNs – it’s really cheap, only $2 a month for 2-year commitment and around $8 for a single month. Considerably less than any other VPN on this list.

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