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Today we will talk about Best Free VPN in India for 2020 Hi Guys, My Name is Kripesh Adwani I usually do inspects on Hosting, VPNs and Digital Tools So I usually evaded Free VPN and I don’t recommend it even Why I don’t recommend Free VPN? I have made a detailed review video on it, you can check it out on “I Button” So there are some minor objections Today we will discuss those exceptions In my recommendation, if you walk a good deal and you have higher utilization, then you must switch over to paid VPN I have also done a detailed review for paid VPN, you can check it on “I Button” So let’s talk about Free VPN If you have less usage and you can live with fewer shortcomings, then Free VPN is good So let’s begins with our register The first VPN on our directory is to be used when you have to unblock any website or you have to hide any report from ISP The name of the VPN is Cloudflare DNS. 1.1.1 So it’s not like the traditional VPN Its actually the DNS Service that “youre using” So you are using DNS Service to be submitted by your ISP provider by default( as in my subject it is Airtel so I am working the DNS Service of Airtel) I said that he believes that I want to use the DNS Service to be submitted by Cloudflare, which is fast So this guaranteed in 2 things: First, Your ISP Provider won’t have your details Second, you may be able to unblock the websites in your region Talking about its privacy, they have clearly mentioned that they don’t save any records Cloudflare has mentioned that within 24 hrs they remove logs They have imparted a separate audit by KPMB Firm So you can be sure that they don’t restrain any logs Speed is really fast It’s not like the traditional VPN It pieces differently You are just converting your DNS Service So you won’t see certain differences in your velocity You will have your original fast Talking about the data limits, there are no data limits There is unlimited data access available The main detriment is that you cannot change your servers As it happens in the traditional VPN, that you make servers from different locations You cannot change servers Since you cannot change servers, you are hiding information from your ISP but the website you are visiting, that knows what is your IP Address and where you are from So the website knows your exact location The best benefit is to unblock the websites Many parties use VPN to unblock specific websites, You might know better than me, what kind of websites are unblocked by you all So if you want to unblock and access whatever you want, for that Cloudflare DNS is best So how to use it? For Mobile App, it’s simple, pursuit Cloudflare DNS and download it You will get Cloudflare app, which you can install and turn it on It will readily work in mobile android app But if you have to install in the system, on Macbook or Windows, then for that you will have to change the system DNS Settings The best alternative is to change your router DNS decideds and position it on Cloudflare DNS by default So how to do it, for that I have mentioned the note sections below It’s easy, you can do it by learn those articles So help Cloudflare DNS as it is free and fast, unblocks websites and there are no major detriments Second is Proton VPN You must have heard about this VPN, as it is one of the famed VPN out there Talking about its privacy, they don’t maintain any data enters You get unlimited data, there is no limit to it You can surf and watch whatever you want Speed is having certain limitations as it is for free The speed limitation depends on the load of the server The rapidity I have got is 40 Mbps which is my download hastened So I have got 30 Mbps Download Speed in US Servers and likewise up to 8 Mbps Speed has major waverings because its free-spoken and due to the load on servers There exists load on the server and due to that race goes, you won’t see consistent velocities Talking about its places in the free intention you get only 3 spots: Japan, USA, and the Netherlands Device support is available in Android, iOS, Windows, and Linux Jurisdiction is in Switzerland, which is not the part of 14 Eyes Countries So for privacy, Proton VPN is good for free This VPN is ideal for Privacy, Regular Browsing, Unlock USA Content Unlock USA Offers, like sometimes there are administers on Hosting and VPNs which is only for the USA People For more spates, you can SUBSCRIBE to this channel, I keep updating on my society uprights So if you want to access those things, then it’s best to abuse Proton VPN and adopt servers of USA and make advantage of those treats Third is Windscribe Windscribe is also a good Free VPN There exists Data Capping of 10 GB per month So talking about its Privacy, they don’t save any data logs The logs they keep for free consumers is depended on the data that is used and committed( on upload and download) This is done so as to trace the Data Capping If I talk about the locations, there are 10 Countries This is the highest countries available in any Free VPN USA, Canada, France, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Switzerland, UK, and Hong Kong So you have a lot of options on Windscribe Speed is good as compared against Proton VPN This is because of the Data Limit and they are giving countless points in their free project, you get 10 orientations The makes I have got in my testing, London Servers have 31 Mbps Downloading Speed, which is good It patronage numerou devices Laptops, Macbook, Android, iOS, Linux and it also supports propagations like: Like Chrome Extension, Mozilla Firefox, and Amazon Fire TV So you get a full-on Invention Support Talking about its jurisdiction, its in Canada, which comes in 14 Eyes Countries So this can be a flaw, but it’s still good, as they don’t restrain any logs So you must use this VPN when you have to access USA Content at a fast rapidity and Or “if youre using” a public WIFI, you can use Windscribe Next is Tunnelbear Tunnelbear is also a good Free VPN The biggest limitation is you get only 500 Mb Data per month So I won’t go into its detail, as you are not getting enough data But overall it’s a good VPN if you have to use 500 MB data Next is Streaming Streaming doesn’t furnish Free VPN If you are in India and you want to access evidences of USA or Netflix, so they don’t furnish Free VPN Because it’s costly, IP is constantly Blocked through Netflix or Streaming Assistance, so it has to be Constantly Updated So for Free VPN, I have an option for you and that is Namecheap Namecheap VPN is providing a 1-month free assistance So you can use it by creating different IDs You will have to work for it If you don’t want to do this then you can purchase their plans which are only Rs. 900/ yr So you can definitely try Namecheap, links are in the description For Streaming, Namecheap is good I “ve talked” in detail about Namecheap in my detail video of Best Paid VPN, you can watch it So you can take Namecheap If “youre using” Free VPN and you can’t open other VPNs, Namecheap is a good hand-picked If you can deplete more, you can buy Surfshark, which is a good option So which Free VPN, should you use? Harmonizing to me, download all of them The VPNs, you should avoid, I have previously made a Free VPN video, which you can watch it So which Free VPN, is best for situations? If you have to unblock, Use Cloudflare DNS If you have to hide info from ISP, Cloudflare DNS is best If you have to use public WIFI, you can use Proton, Windscribe, and Tunnelbear To help Netflix, use Namecheap as it’s free for 1 month For Chrome Extension: Windscribe VPN is a good option So use a combination of them But I recommend if you pass a good deal and you use the internet a lot and you address some confidential information So invest in a Paid VPN You can use Express VPN, Nord VPN and Surfshark VPN You will find the rejected associations in the description So that’s all for this one LIKE and SUBSCRIBE

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