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You’ll find all kinds of Windows VPN on the internet. And yeah, while some free ones promise excellent security and fantastic performance, others could cost you your personal data and privacy . You’ll usually have to sweat to find a truly free VPN for PC.

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They all call themselves free, don’t they? Well, you should be careful about the free VPN for Windows you go for. The number one reason is that some of them resort to selling your data for money. Some, as you might have experienced, wear you out with countless ads. That said, if you’re still hellbent on getting a free unlimited VPN for Windows, here’s some good news. Some paid VPNs have free versions – let’s call them ‘freemium VPNs.’ Yeah, and I prefer this lot because they don’t have to scramble around for money. Revenue from the paid premium versions fuels their free campaigns.

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Atlas VPN:

The first example of such a service is Atlas VPN! Atlas VPN is a great Windows 11 VPN, offering essential protection with an armament packed full of security and privacy features. Being freemium, Atlas VPN contains no ads, and it doesn’t creep your Windows PC, making it a great Windows 11 free VPN. And if you ever use Atlas VPN with an unstable internet connection, its Kill Switch will prevent IP leaks. A proper no-logs policy is quite tough to come by in a free VPN for Windows, but Atlas VPN sticks to its guns despite having its headquarters in the US.

This free version won’t let you watch Netflix or other geo-restricted streaming services. It also excludes the SafeBrowse, SafeSwap, and other advanced security features. Well, there’s so much you can get for free from Atlas VPN. If you’re already considering passing on Atlas VPN, I’ve got another best free VPN for Windows for you.


Windscribe is a Canadian-based VPN provider with many satisfied users. Canada is a member of the Five Eyes alliance, but this does not stop Windscribe from keeping a watertight no-logs policy. If you’re looking for the best VPN for Windows 11, or older Windows versions, Windscribe may be your best bet.
Once regarded as the best free VPN in the industry, Windscribe has long been the go-to option for many security-conscious individuals.
Windscribe allows access to 10 countries for free, more than any other free VPN we’ve tested. It has cross-platform compatibility and delivers an incredible network speed.
Like Atlas VPN, Windscribe’s monthly bandwidth is capped at 10GB, and you no longer can access streaming platforms.
Seriously, it’s not that bad anyway, but if you’re not done hunting for the best free VPN service for Windows 2022, I’ve got one more for you.


It would be a crime if I didn’t tell you about ProtonVPN. I mean, you’re looking for the best free VPN service for Windows 2022, and ProtonVPN just stands out to me. It was designed by the same group of nerds that created ProtonMail. I’ll call ProtonVPN the Jack and master of all trades with its high security and performance standards.
ProtonVPN is a great free VPN for Windows 11 and others as it deploys the WireGuard protocol for tunneling. It equally works with the ChaCha20 encryption algorithm and has a Kill Switch to prevent IP leaks.
ProtonVPN operates under a strict no-logs policy. Even though I recommend it as a free VPN for Windows 11, it can work on older Windows versions and other operating systems.

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