Best Free VPN 2022 | We Found Free VPN For PC That Works🆓

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You are wandering what is best free VPN in 2022❓
We found one free VPN for PC that works great, check it out❗

We here at vpnMentor usually have this to say about free VPNs: don’t. Just don’t. They’re almost always predatory ad/malware delivery systems that don’t actually do much (if anything) to protect you and your privacy. However, that’s NOT always the case. There is at least one free VPN you can trust, even if it’s a bit slow.

Today, we cover why ProtonVPN’s free plan is worth your time, if you’re in a pinch and don’t have the budget for anything better. The company that made it has a track record of looking after people’s privacy rights, after all. We’re also going to show you the best cheap VPN that you can use instead.

To get the full rundown of both the VPNs in this video, with all the tests we’ve run and services we’ve unlocked, the full reviews are linked below.

ProtonVPN Full Review:
PIA VPN Full Review:

If you want to get either of these VPNs (or almost any of the major VPNs) a bit cheaper, see our coupon page, also linked below.

00:00 Best Free VPN 2022 Intro
00:53 ProtonVPN Free Version Features
02:00 Free ProtonVPN Speed Test
02:55 Free ProtonVPN Streaming Test
03:50 ProtonVPN Free Version Features
05:14 PIA VPN Introduction
05:46 PIA VPN Speed Test
06:51 PIA VPN Streaming Test
07:19 Private Internet Access VPN Features
09:15 Conclusion

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