Azure This Week: Updates to VPN Gateway, Azure Cloud Shell & Azure DevOps

This is Azure This Week, and this week I look at the AzureVPN Gateway gets some new boasts. The Azure Cloud Shell image receivesa muchneeded revise and Azure DevOps Boards updates todelivery projects explanation 2.0. Now before we get into the news, a shameless push ACG Black Friday sale is on until 4th of December where youcan save some delicious dollars on a yearly Personal Basic, orPersonal Plus subscription. And then you get accessto all the goodies. Check out the link in thedescription. Okay. Ready? Here we go. Yeah. VPN Gateway connects your onpremisenetworks to Azure via sitetosite VPNs in a similar way that you set upand connect to a remote branch office. It is a critical part of a hybridinfrastructure and is used by lots of corporations. New aspects now generallyavailable this week include high-pitched availability for radiusservers in pointtosite VPN, custom IPsec/ IKE policy with DPD timeout, APIPA support for BGP speaker, which admits gift AWS and GoogleCloud Platform VPNs to integrate too. FQDN support for sitetosite VPN, and finally session management andrevocation for sitetopoint , no, pointtosite VPN users.As you might’ve guessed.I have no idea whatall that symbolizes or does, but I have been told by infrastructuresecurity experts that they’re very welcome brand-new aspects. Most Azure administrators are familiarwith the Cloud Shell and use it to manage their vapour aids. When onthe exit or within the Azure Portal. It is a browserbased commandlineinterface to your Azure assets. Behind the Cloud Shell is a VM image, which is spun up to run theservices for you when needed. Up until now, this imagewas based on Ubuntu 16.04, which is approaching end of life. 16.04 refers to the releasedate of April, 2016. This image is currently being updated toMicrosoft compiled image of Debian 10. And this necessitates updated tooling, such as PowerShell 7.1, Python 3.7, and Ruby 2.5 as well. It too makes bettersecurity against attacks. Rumor has it that the new imagecomes with a swooning smell of Ethiopian coffee beans, and a reminder of saffron. Oh, that’s not actually genuine. Azure DevOps is a collection of tools formanaging your code programme deployments and grapevines be exploited by anyonefrom single developed the plans to gigantic campaigns. It is a full work scaffold forgetting your system into the hands or screens of the users. Azure Boards is the partthat your overseer likes. Yes.The fraction that gives an overview of projecttimelines, enterprise status, pie charts, and so much more. Mmmpie. Yeah, this week, it got an update to version2. 0 for the bringing contrives, which provide timeline and roadmapcapabilities, spend squads and programmes. Your manager will love it. That’s all for now. Leave a comment below for any questionsthat you might have and subscribe to our direct, to not miss the weekly updatesand many more cloud compute videos. And if you think we havethe best thumbnails andvideos in your YouTube feed, give it a thumbs up. Yep. As wesay on the A Cloud Guru team, when you are denied access to your VPN, so you have to use the old-time cans andstring joke. Seek and you shall shadow. So told you next week.Keep ascertain Cloud Gurus! Oh, I’m going now ..

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