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Finding a good free VPN is a challenging quest. A decent free VPN has good enough speeds and is comfortable to use. It genuinely protects your privacy and security with top level tech, and it isn’t constantly out to grab your money. Atlas VPN makes a lot of promises. But is Atlas VPN worth it? In this full-on Atlas VPN review 2021, I’m gonna lay out the Atlas VPN pros & cons and give you my expert opinion on whether you should consider this VPN.

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0:00 Intro
0:48 What protocols can be used with Atlas VPN?
1:09 How many locations does Atlas VPN Free offer?
1:23 Is Atlas VPN Free fast and is there a data limit?
2:22 Is Atlas VPN Free secure enough?
2:52 What features does Atlas VPN Free offer?
4:00 Can Atlas VPN Free ensure a strict no-logs policy?
5:03 What devices are supported by Atlas VPN?
5:53 Does Atlas VPN Free work with Netflix and other platforms?
6:21 Does Atlas VPN Free support torrenting?
6:54 Is it worth upgrading to premium?
7:26 Final thoughts

Top review points:

Atlas VPN free may have limited locations, but it’s possibly the best free VPN when it comes to performance as its download speeds come hand in hand even with some top paid VPNs. It’s a pity about the data cap though.
But is Atlas VPN secure?
The basic groundwork of VPN security is the tunnelling protocols and encryption method. These need to turn your data into an unbreakable cypher and keep it hidden as it travels across the web. It uses the unbreakable AES 256-bit encryption method favoured by cybersecurity companies and government departments.For tunnelling protocols it uses IKEv2 which is highly secure, as well as WireGuard which isn’t just faster than most protocols – it also uses a more future-proof encryption method ChaCha20. I’m impressed with Atlas VPN free security, though I would have definitely appreciated more extra features.
How does Atlas VPN free handle our data?
It’s based in the US, which isn’t an ideal location for privacy as it’s part of various intelligence alliances. However, Atlas VPN was bought by Nord Security in October, and this bodes well for the service as Nord has solid privacy requirements. Atlas VPN claims to be a no logging VPN, and this also applies to the free version.
Apps and devices:
The service started out on mobile, so it’s no surprise that the Atlas VPN PC apps look a little less polished than the mobile versions. However, they’re also streamlined, pleasant on the eyes and easy to use, and there’s no real difference between the free Atlas VPN Mac and Windows apps in terms of functionality. The same goes for Atlas VPN Android and iOS. Unlike most free VPNs, filled to the brim with adverts, AtlasVPN keeps it modest. The only ads in sight are invitations to upgrade to Atlas VPN Premium. In fact, this may be the best mobile VPN if you’re looking for an option that you don’t have to buy.

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