Are VPNs legal? Find out if you can get in trouble in LESS THAN 3 min

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So you’re too wondering if VPNs are legal? Can’t blame you. Masking your online identity and data might seem shady, or even criminal – but using a VPN is actually perfectly legal in most countries.

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0:00 Intro
0:38 So, is using a VPN legal?
0:48 Can you get in trouble when using a VPN?
0:59 When is it completely legal to use a VPN? Legitimate uses of VPNs
1:25 Are VPNs legal in my country?
1:43 Is VPN legal in US?
1:52 Is VPN legal in China?
2:00 Are VPNs legal in India?
2:09 Is using a VPN legal in Iran?
2:13 Are VPNs legal in Russia?
2:22 Is VPN legal in Turkey?
2:30 Is it legal to use a VPN for torrenting?
2:40 Is it legal to use a VPN for Netflix?

VPN legality also varies between countries. To give you an idea of how VPN legality varies from country to country I looked at the US, China, India, Brazil, Iran, Russia, and Turkey.

VPNs are completely legal in most of the countries. It’s what you use the VPN for that determines whether you get in trouble with the law or not, for example:

– Torrenting copyrighted material, such as movies is illegal, and if you’re caught doing it you may be fined.
– Faking your identity is technically illegal.
– Using a VPN to access geo-blocked Netflix libraries is against their terms of service and they may cut your access. Although they have never done this.

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