Are VPNs for hackers?? Or is VPN illegal? | VPN myth debunked

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It’s a common belief, for some reason, that VPN is for hackers or that it’s not legal to use VPNs, but that is not true. While in some countries VPNs are banned and they can potentially be used by criminals, it doesn’t make VPNs illegal or criminal-focused at all.

00:00 Intro

1:00 Is using a VPN legal?
1:23 Why VPNs are banned in some countries?
1:35 Why it’s important to use a VPN?
2:05 Are VPNs made for hackers?

4:00 Which VPN is the best against hackers?
4:20 Which free VPN to choose if you want to be safe online?

VPNs are made for protection. They keep you anonymous online, encrypt your data and have loads of security features that guarantee your safety on the internet. For hackers VPN is not just a tool, but a wall standing between them and normal internet users like yourself. Guys, don’t let anyone shame you for protecting yourself with a VPN!

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